The Lion and the Frog

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There once was a frog who did lived in the jungle. His name was Freddy. Freddy was a very special frog not like the others. Freddy loved to sing and dance but most of all he loved to jump. He was the best at everything. Or so he thought, he could jump so high, he could touch the sky. Again or so he thought. Freddy was a very confident frog, so confident that the other frogs wanted nothing to do with him. “Pfft,” thought Freddy “who needs them, anyway.” One day the frogs where having a party, it was a community fundraising party where everyone gathered, so they reluctantly invited Freddy. The invite was sent and the community frogs hoped he wouldn't come. Freddy came strolling into his home from a long day of hoping, dancing, singing and being the best at everything of course. As he was about to enter he noticed the mail frog. The mail frog tried to hide but it was too late. Freddy saw the mail in his hand and the mail frog had to give it to him. As Freddy opened the mail his eyes widened in excitement “Freddy the frog,” he read “you are cordially invited to to the hop and shop community fundraiser” he continued excitedly “ there will be lots of fun games, contest and dancing, but best of all baked goodies to shop to raise for the sick and needy frogs in the community.” “yippee!,” Freddy exclaimed “guess i’m bringing my dancing shoes, even though i won’t need them!” Freddy excitedly skipped and dance down the hall. He danced all night long and eventually went to bed, next week could not come soon enough.
Finally the day came. Freddy came strolling and dancing down the dirt path singing as he walked. He looked particularly flamboyant this day. “Hey everyone,” he exclaimed “here comes who you’ve all been waiting for.” He flared his arms and almost knocked down Mrs. Doris's pies out of her hand “whoa careful,” she screamed, narrowly darting his arm. Too excited to notice he hopped to the center of the field. He began to dance and jump around he took up so much room that all the people at the dance floor had to move away. “Come on let's get out of here,” Mr. Frederick murmured to his wife as they hurried out of the dance floor. Freddy didn’t even notice he cleared out the dance floor. After a while the contest were beginning. Among them were dancing, singing and jumping. “Oh no, time is running out and I can’t joined all of them” thought Freddy, “since I'm best at everything it is so hard to choose”. He entered the jumping contest but vowed to wow the judges. So many frog were jumping, swimming, dancing or singing for the fundraiser event they were doing a great job too. When it was Freddy’s turn, he jumped and leaped and danced and sang all at the same time! “ I am so great” shouted Freddy “look at me go.” He leaped and danced and sang and back-flipped, the judges and the community alike were stunned. In one of Freddy’s jumps he leaped so high he very well thought he touched the sky but on his way back down he landed on the row of pies, Freddy did not noticed and kept dancing and jumping. Kicking and stomping the pies until they were all mush and he kept dancing and jumping and singing. “Stop, that’s enough!” a voice trumpeted. “Mayor Flint, “ Freddy exclaimed “ I was too fabulous right so you had to stop me right?” Silence pierced the air. Finally Mrs. Flint, the mayor's wife said “Oh Freddy, look around you, this was supposed to the help the sick and needy frogs” Mrs. Flint continued with a pained expression on her face. “Get out Freddy!” Major Flint wailed. “Wow” Freddy thought as he stormed off, “I gave them a show and this is how they thank me, who needs them!” Freddy hopped away. Some ways down saw a bear and a squirrel. The squirrel was trying to protect the acorns he collected for his family and the bear was trying to take them.”See everyone needs me,” murmured Freddy “I am so great watch how i take on this bear, my town will be so sorry”. Freddy leaped on the bear and hopped on his head he hopped and he hopped but the bear would not stop. The bear was so big it could not feel him jumping on his head. “How can this be” Freddy wondered “ I am the best at everything”. As his frustration grew in strolled a lion. “ Barry knock it out please” The Lion politely stated . The bear turned around and looked ashamed “Oh, Leonard hi, “ He nervously chuckled “ooh,” Freddy thought “I know i'm the best at everything but this lion is so big he will show this bear who is boss”. The Lion instead asked the bear what was going on and allowed him to explain himself. “It is OK Barry” the lion said to the bear as he hugged him. The bear apologized to the squirrel as he scurried off.. “Wait that's it? Not even a thanks he just saved that squirrel” Thought Freddy. Freddy was suspicious and stealthily followed the lion. The lion passed some more animals. Along the way he helped a tiger with a wounded paw and an ant carry her load of crumbs home among others.”Thanks” the ant murmured quickly rushing off. ““Don't mention it” the lion humbly said. “That Leonard is so courageous,“ said an elephant who was looking on.. Freddy has had enough. How could he courageous he's getting taken advantage of by these animals who don't appreciate and honor him. “Alright that's it,” exclaimed Freddy. He boldly stood in front of Leonard and demanded an explanation. “Why are you doing this! You are doing everything for the and they are so ungrateful”. He continued “people like us are clearly the best at everything and no one appreciates us. They should be forever indebted to us” Freddy was furious and he hoped quite high while talking to emphasize his point. “Hello, “ said Leonard “what a great jumper you are and you are quite bold too, I saw you back there with the bear trying to defend the squirrel you are so kind and amazing” Freddy pondered for a moment no one had ever called him amazing let alone kind. “You think so?” Freddy asked bewildered his anger diminishing “ I mean, i know i'm the best but no one acknowledges me, my community even hates me they even exiled me” Freddy confessed. “ Well, i bet they think you are great maybe they just do not need to be reminded all the time. Also, maybe being a little more mindful of others and their feelings wouldn't hurt. How do you think they might feel if you always say you’re the best” Leonard continued “Doesn't that mean you are better than them? You might be making them feel bad. Not to mention I do not do the things I do because I want people to praise me but simply because it is the right thing to do.” Freddy thought back to the community fundraiser and how he messed up the event for everyone and the pies for the sick and needy frogs in the community. “I really messed up,” Freddy sighed and proceeded to tell Leonard what happened and wondered how he can make it better. “Freddy that's great that you are thinking of others” Leonard stated “you are putting the others needs over yours and that shows humility, the biggest form of courage”. Leonard thought for a moment “I have an idea” he exclaimed. He gathered all the bakers in his community and as he was greatly respected for always helping others and being humble they all got together and baked and baked. They baked over 200 pies and brought it over to Freddy's neighborhood. Freddy was nervous as he entered the gates but he mustered up the courage and apologized to the community frogs and humbled himself towards them. They gladly accepted his apology and his pies which sold at lightning speed. “Wow Freddy,” Mrs. Flint exclaimed “you really saved the day, we now have so much money to help the sick and needy frogs. We are so grateful you are the best.” Mayor Flint came over and with a badge. It read “courage”. Mr Flint gave the badge to Freddy “To apologize and be humble takes so much courage, you really earned this”. Freddy beamed“Thank you,” he he danced the night away with his new friends. This time Freddy made sure that they all fit in the dance floor.

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