The Letter C

Image of Short Story
When you look at alphabet you notice how the letters go A, B, C and D. I feel as though the letter B represents the way that you are born or your birth. It is a very bright and beautiful time. It is also the beginning of your life.

The letter D represents how your life can become dark and dreary. It is when you die and it shows your death. It is when you life is diminishing.

What about the C, though?

I feel like the letter C represents how you life is a challenge. How you need to have a career. Make choices. Become a champion. How to conquer. Become a citizen to this great nation. You need traits such as courage and calmness. You have to be clever. Be compassionate not clueless and cocky. You need to celebrate how you can go through college and make your choice of curriculum a career.

Even look at how the letter C is shaped. It starts up sloping to show how your life is slowly going upward and how you are working towards a good future. In the middle it is pretty straight. That highlights how you are stable and how constant that you are in your career and job. Afterward, the C slopes at the top to show how your life is heading downward but it is still at a high point.

If life was not a challenge or a commitment then life would look like the letter O because life would just be a cycle. Life starts and ends on a light and dark basis. Life is not straight all the time and life has lots of bumps and curves that is why the letter C represents life in my opinion.