He was standing on the roof of a house waiting for the opportunity to punish the naughty, ill-spirited family inside when he noticed him. It was what looked like a child clad only in a pumpkin-orange onesie and a knapsack pulled over his head, covering his face. The child had been standing on the snow-covered sidewalk, illuminated only by the full moon behind him. Continuing to stare at the strange little boy, it took Krampus only a few seconds to piece together who, or rather what, was staring back at him from across the street. The “little boy” wasn’t a little boy at all. The best description for the little creature in the footie pajamas would be an ancient spirit. Well known within American Lore, little Sam would mutilate, attack, and sometimes kill anyone who lacked the Halloween spirit. With his beloved and infamous luminescent pumpkin-shaped lollipop, which he would sometimes use as a weapon. He’d make sure the naughty got what they deserved, even if it wasn’t by his own hand. Krampus, the more infamous of the two, was not unlike Sam. He too, punished naughty children with birch branches, sacks, and chains.

But why was Sam here, in the dead of winter, a day before Christmas? Sam had done his job two months prior. He had no reason to be there. Krampus jumped off the roof, landing with a muffled thump on the snow. The chains covering him quietly clanking together as he walked towards Sam. What does he want? Was he curious? Or did he want to cause discord? Staying on guard, Krampus continued his noiseless walk towards Sam. With winter wind whipping showers of snow his red cloak, and mouth hinged slightly open, Krampus didn’t stop until he was standing in front of the dangerous and unpredictable creature.

That’s when volatile little Sam made his move. With Krampus towering over his tiny frame, Sam extended his arm up towards him. Held tightly, but carefully, in his hand was a lollipop.