The Fight, An Excerpt From "Karma."

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Tuk swallowed hard anxiously and stepped backward, eyeing the god before cracking his knuckles. He'd never fought a god before, or anyone with a particular magic set. The first he'd found was Karma, and they'd never even sparred. With a sigh Tuhka stepped forward, getting as close as he could to Atmos before throwing a small knife in the Sky God's direction.

"Don't choke, protect her.."

Atmos snapped his fingers, and it instantly started hailing, However, a white aura around Atmos kept him protected while the owl behind him began flapping its wings back and forth to send a strong gust of wind intending to throw Tuhka off balance.

Tuhka purred lightly as he snatched the knife back out of the air, keeping his feet planted against the harsh winds. "You'll have to do better than that to get rid of me." He jumped to the side, attempting to run behind him and launched himself at Atmos, a trail of fire left behind his feet and Tuk wrapped a small wire around the bird's leg. He fell with the gusts, bracing himself as Tuhka slammed into the ground with a quiet yelp.

Atmos was confused by the attack, having not understood the wire. But quickly reacted to his opponent is on the ground, and summoned a bunch of weapons in mid-air, using the wind to blow them all down at Tuk.

However, Karma looked over and made a small force field to send the projectiles flying faster back at Atmos, stupidly draining more magic that she was trying to recover.

Tuhka glared at Karma, and he quickly grabbed onto one of the blades flying towards Atmos, being carried with it. He released his hold on the weapon just above the God's head before bringing his foot down to slam on Atmos' face. A sickening smile teased Tuhka's lips upon the impact, and he bent down to punch Atmos as hard as he could manage in the nose. As Tuk fell back down, he set fire to his small knife, launching it towards the Atmos' leg and glaring at Karma. "Don't help," he barked, not bothering to pay attention as the small wire he'd left on the owl's leg exploded loudly. "I don't need it yet."

Right as the wire had exploded, Atmos' body, had dissolved into a bunch of small butterflies, and appeared above Tuk, slamming his fist down on his head.
The sky lit up with lightning at the impact, hail pouring down on the two.

Tuhka growled as the fist pounded against him, gripping onto Atmos' wrist and slamming him down into the ground while Tuk placed his palms against his temples. "Butterflies? At least we can say you're original." He taunted, pulsing carefully to mend the bruises against his skull and abdomen.

"Let's get this show on the road then," Tuhka announced, wrapping his fingers around the God's ankle and spinning him in circles before launching him towards the mansion. Another smile of pleasure as Tuk saw the second wire around the other's leg.

Atmos Grunted as he made an impact with the ground, and once launched, he shifted into an eagle form and watched as the wire fell to the ground. He spun around, spinning so fast his wings were creating a gust of wind. Shortly, a twister was being formed around him, and he launched it in Tuhka’s direction.

Tuhka groaned and slammed his fist into the ground, cracking the earth to slip down below in an attempt to hide away from the whirlwind. Once he had emerged from the ground, even the flames in Tuk's eyes calmed down as he winked to Karma and raced back towards Atmos in a screaming fit.

Several birds of the same size and color surrounded Atmos. They all dived towards Tuhka in an attempt to confuse him. After all, any kind of human being wouldn't wanna hurt an innocent bird, right?

While Tuhka was busy with the bird, Atmos appeared behind him in human form, sending a harsh blow to his back.

Tuhka yelped again, loudly and his eyes widened the slightest bit as he felt the fist drive into his back. He immediately dropped to the ground and slammed his foot into Atmos' crotch, sending him into the air before Tuk soon joined him. Flames poured out of his fist as Tuhka wrapped his fingers around the God's neck, driving him through the flock of birds and into the ground with a sudden burst of energy.

Atmos remained on the ground, however, the sky began to grow darker, and fog took over the ground around them. Temperatures dropped to negatives and it wasn't long before Atmos stood again.

"Atmos? I think it'd be best if you left now. We've let this go on long enough don't you think?"

The white-haired sky god looked up at Tuhka with narrowed eyes, but looked down and acknowledged his defeat. His body had dissolved into butterflies, and he rose into the heavens above. But not before stating something ominous that would set Tuhka off a bit.

“Remember,” his voice was menacing. “Those who show the courage to battle a god cannot remain, mortals, themselves.”

Tuhka blinked confusingly and looked back at Karma who stare at him in shock. Did he really manage to drive off an elemental god? And of all of them, one of the main four?

Karma had approached him, her anger and stubbornness from not being able to battle had faded.

“I guess this means we can take on the rest together?”