The Dragon and the Peasant

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In the olden days when the Earth and its people were young, there was a peasant whose name was Hythes. The peasant had a wife and two children who were very young. They were very poor and rarely had anything to eat. Their father was heartbroken to see them starve, so he was determined to bring something to eat into their home. In the palace, the king was in a much more dreadful situation. “Why would there be a dragon near our village?
Our village doesn’t have anything but PEACE and QUIET, but Sire, that IS why the dragon is near our village; IT’S TOO QUIET! The peasant was getting ready to leave, but his wife Anne grabbed him before it was too late. “Darling, where on earth are you going? Darling, our children look so tired and frail, and I am afraid that they will get sick in the near future, so let me go bring some food into this home,” so that was when he left for the village in search for work. When he reached the village, there was not a person in sight, “Where have all the people gone? Baker! Butcher! Hairdresser? Where have they gone?”
Then suddenly, a head popped out from a tipped over cart; it was the Candlemaker. “Harlwitts, where has everyone gone,” helping him from under the cart. “We have spotted a sleeping dragon near this village! That is why there is no one here,” said the frightened Candlemaker. “What! A real dragon! I thought that they were extinct, right?” The Candlemaker cleared his throat, “No. Sir Hythes, do you see that volcano over there?” Hythes scanned the mountains until he saw smoke rising from one of them.
“Yes! The one in yonder Northeast,” shouted the peasant. “The dragon appeared from that volcano three days ago. Don’t tell the king, or he will kill the dragon.” Hythes stared at him with complete ignorance, “He will have to kill the dragon, what are you saying?” Harlwitts looked at him stupidly. “Well, the dragon supposedly has magic within his flames, which only happens in 1,000 years, and it can(if used wrong) destroy the whole continent.”
“I want ABSOLUTELY no say in this matter, but I want the magic power,” said the King tiredly. “The dragon is going to wake up immediately if we try to do anything, the scholars and the mathematicians are doing all they can to get you your wish SAFELY,” said one of the King’s assistants. The king, after that, asked if he could have the wizard talk to him. “Your majesty, how may I help you,” said the trembling wizard. “I want you to find a way to get that Lackersack dragon out of my kingdom,” shouted the King. “But, your majesty, it is simply impossible to get rid of the dragon with my magic or any magic in fact, unless you want to destroy the Earth,” said the wizard tauntingly.
“THIS SACKHEAD THINKS THAT HE CAN SMARTER ME! WELL, YOU MIGHT AS WELL BE BEGGING BECAUSE OFF WITH YOUR HEAD,” screamed the king SO loudly that the whole kingdom could hear. When the king screamed, Hythes was trying to get down a very steep hill, he ended up falling to his demise... demise? Were not done with the story yet! He landed in a deep pond and fainted. After a few hours, he was woken up due to a very loud growl. He gasped and gasped then suddenly stood up, “Where did that growl come from,” said Hythes, who was limping from his aching back. He then turned around and saw the ginormous cave in front of him.
“That must be where the dragon lives,” said Hythes, gawking at the mere image that he was now processing in his brain. He then took a step forward, then another step forward, then another, then another until he was walking full speed into the cave. The dark musty smell gave a feeling of fright, but also curiosity of what might be lurking inside the enormous cave. Hythes then saw a light emitting from the far side of the tunnel, and he went to the light. “What in the heavens is this,” Hythes said when he saw dragons by the thousandths flying around the gigantic room. Then in the distance, he saw what seemed to be the biggest dragon in the room, “Could that be the dragon i’m looking for?” Then suddenly, a loud roar echoed in the room, Hythes looked in the direction that the sound was coming from and saw what looked to be the most scariest thing he had ever seen in his life.
He screamed and ran toward the direction of the cave entrance, but something seemed off. THE DOORWAY HAD BEEN SEALED. A forcefield had blocked the entrance of the cave and sealed him in. “THE DOORWAY HAS BEEN SEALED TO YOU AND THE OTHER MORTALS OUT THERE. YOU WON’T BE ESCAPING HERE MORTAL.,” screeched the Humongous dragon. Hythes was very frightened, “I am wrong to be here,” said Hythes; he then fainted. “What? Am I dreaming?” Hythes then looked at the wizard standing in front of him; it was the Candlemaker. “Child, you don't have much time, either the dragon kills you or the dragon can help you,” said the wizard.
“How can I convince the dragon to help me? It’s going to KILL ME,” said Hythes screaming. “Child, you can’t be afraid; the king is going to kill the dragon and destroy the continent. Tell the Klothelen that and he will help you,” said the wizard. “ Who is Klothelen,” said Hythes confused. “Klothelen is a mythical dragon who is spawned every 1,000 years. As you can see, he is quite the behemoth isn’t he?” Hythes stared at him, “Yes, I can see that..., but whatever, wake me up.” “Ok, but if you make a mistake, YOU. SHALL. DIE,” says the wizard with a smile.“YOU SHALL DIE HERE MORTAL,” screamed the dragon.
“WAIT,” shouted the peasant, “I have some information to share.” He breathed several times to adjust himself then spoke to the monster, “The king is planning on killing you, and taking your magical power,” said the trembling peasant. The dragon’s evil sneer turned into a saddened look, “How do you know this?” The peasant bravely stood up and spoke, “When I fainted, I felt like I was in a trance; in a dream. A wizard spoke to me about what was going to happen... when the king kills you.” The dragon looked confused, “What will he do to my magic after I die?” Hythes spoke once again, “ He will make a mistake using the magic and destroy the continent with everything else on it. The king lined up his 5,000 archers, then proceeded to search for the den of this mythical creature, “SOON, EVERYTHING WILL BE MINE,” laughed the king as he commanded his archers to search everywhere. While the king commanded his troops to search, the peasant and the dragon were watching their every move with magic.
They sat on the ground as they watched the king send the archers to find the dragon, “LEAVE WHILE YOU STILL CAN
BEFORE THE KING KILLS YOU TOO,” said the dragon sadly. “Umm, can’t we just fly out of here,” says Hythes. They flew out of the ginormous cave and into the sky. Then they suddenly see a sky full of arrows heading straight towards them. The two manage to fly out of the storm of arrows and find a safe place to land. “In order for me to leave Earth, I have to use an enormous amount of magic to reach the outside of Earth.” The peasant waited for what seemed like forever until Klothelen was ready to be propelled into the sky. Arrows flew left and right of Hythes, which made him very vulnerable to getting shot.
“I’m ready to leave; as soon as I leave, everything will go back to normal, as if I wasn’t even here.” The peasant and the dragon said their goodbyes, “Wait, have this.” A crystal was placed in his hand. It was white like the moon, and as clear as glass. “Use this to talk to me in the near future,” said the dragon to the peasant. “DON’T LET IT LEAVE PEASANT,” shouted the king. The dragon turned into a flash of light and soared into space. Suddenly, everything started shifting; it was the morning he was about to leave again, and he was just about to leave home when his wife said, “Darling, where on earth are you going?” Soon after, the man used his experiences to make stories, which would be useful for making money. He lived to tell stories about the him and the dragon until he passed.


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