The Dark Night

Image of Short Story
On a dark and stormy night a boy laid in his bed hiding under his space cover shivering and wincing after ever strike of thunder. As he lays still he hears a creek coming from somewhere in his room. He jumps and looks around the room from where the sound came, he saw nothing so he went back under the covers hoping to once again block out the thunder. once again he here's another creek. This time slowly moving the covers to take a good look around the room he notices his closet door is open. He sat up and put on his slippers to go shut his closet door thinking it must have opened on its own. As he got closer and closer he heard what sounded like air coming from the closet. Once he got to the closet door he heard his name whispered slowly "Noooahhhhhhh". he turned his head in a curiously and walked closer towards the closet. once he got at the edge of the blackness the engulfed the inside of his closet 2 dark shadowing hands creep out towards him. paralyzed in fear he couldn't move or make a sound no matter how hard he tried to force out a scream or to move his feet. He felt the cold sting as it wrapped its long shadowy fingers around his ankle. it pulled him into the closet, as he was being dragged in he finally managed to scream out to his parents, but it was to late by the time they got to the room he was gone. "whats the problem Ma'am" the call taker said.
"My son is missing" she said distraught and crying.
"When did he go missing Ma'am".
"An hour ago we heard a scream" she said but couldn't hold back her tears
"Calm down Ma'am I have a unit on its way they'll be there to take a description, Were gonna do everything we can to help you find your son."
"Th.. th.. Thank you" she said as they hear a car pull up and a knock on the door.
"Evening Ma'am." the officer said solemnly "Do you mind if I come in?"
"yes, please come on in."
"I'm going to need to ask a few questions is that alright?" the officer asked
"What time did he go missing"
"it was about 3:30 am." she said still wiping tears from her face
"do you know of anything happening leading up to his disappearance?"
" just his scream it woke me up out of my sleep."
"Was there anything out of the ordinary in his room?"
"No it looked almost untouched" she said confused
"Do you mind if I go take a look?"
"No" she got up and lead the officer to Noah's room. He looked around checking for signs of entry or struggle. Everything in the room looked fine except for a scratch on the closet door. He examined the scratch closely and asked "Do you have any pets?"
"N..No..... Why?"
"it's probably nothing" the officer said "Do you have a picture of Noah I could take to the station with me"
"Mhmm, I have one in my room" she said as she led him to her room. "Here ya are"
"Thank you, I'll put out an APB as soon as I get to the station" he said as he started his walk to the door "you should get some sleep we'll give you a call in the morning if we find anything, I promise you we will find your son" he said as he left. When he got in his car he examined the photo she gave him. he studied the details of the boys light brown hair, and dark blue eyes. he noticed that in the photo there was a dark shadow just out of frame of the camera. He shrugged it of as nothing and drove to the station. She decided to go back to her son's room and lay in his bed until she drifts off. She gets up to hear her sons voice echoing in the distance. She tries to figure out where the voice is coming from but cant its coming form every direction all around her. She scrambles around the room desperately looking for the source, the more she looks the more the voice seems to have no source the more it surrounds her. It surrounds her to the point the walls seem to be closing in. She finds herself unable to breathe, the room around her darkens as something grabs her leg. she jumps back awake with tears on her face. she had just been dreaming. she goes to wake up her husband, "Honey.......Honey... Wake up I need you."
"Huh" he says groggily "I'm up I'm up whats wrong"
"I just had a dream, about Noah... He was calling for me... But his voice it was everywhere... And I couldn't find him" she begins to weep. He goes and holds her in his arms as she cries.
"Don't worry baby, I know we will find him. We will have the cops looking day in, and day out until he is found." They both hold each other till they fall asleep. She awakens to the sound of her sons voice again. This time she can tell its coming from his room. She wakes up her husband and they both go to his room to see if he's there. As they enter the room they turn on the light. The room now illuminated glows brightly except for the closet which seems to eat the light leaving nothing left. They approach the closet hearing the voice growing louder the closer they get. "Noah, its daddy, where did you go"
"daaaaaaaaaady" echoes out of the closet "cooome closser daaady." He walks closer to the closet as he gets closer he sees a shape emerges from the closet. Thinking it was his son he goes in closer with his wife behind him. So intended on finding their son they never even noticed the closet was so much deeper than a closet should have been. they followed the shape for an hour before they realized what was going on. "Shit what the hell is going on!? Where the hell are we!?" as he looks around he notices his wife is missing and he is all alone surrounded by darkness; such boundless endless darkness. He tries to escape and go back the way he came but he can't tell if he is going the right way. He hears voices in audible whispers. They're surrounding him. He start to panic and run. "Shit Shit, what's happening? Where am I? What are you saying? What do you want? LEAVE ME ALONE. GET AWAY" he begins to scream as he feels their presence grow ever closer. He begins to see shadows surround him. He hears their whispers "Daaaddy"
"Come hear honey, I need you"
"RUN!" he hears in a menacing voice in what felt as if it were almost shaking the world around him. he runs trying to escape the shadowy figures that surround him. No matter how much he runs no matter how far, how fast; he can't escape them. They edge ever close blocking out the little light he saw. He opens his eyes to be met with a light shining intently into his eyes. He turns his head and sees white walls with a white tiled floor. He attempts to stand being met with resistance unable to move his body up or his legs he looks down. He sees the strops along his legs and body he starts to yell "HELP....HELP....ANYONE HELP!!" A doctor runs into the room.