The Cowardly Girl

Image of Set Stories Free - 2018
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My name is Caroline Stevens. I am a 7th grader in Battlebrook Middle School. I hate that school with a passion, it is the worst. The kids there like to pick on me because of my small and frail body and personality. I hate it, but I never had the courage to say anything about it. I never have the courage to do anything out of my comfort zone. I hate being the downer, but I don't do much with my friends because what they are doing are out of my comfort zone. My friends are danger seekers if you believe it or not. I love them to death, but I hate the activities they take part in, like the excessive traveling and arguing and 'standing there ground in arguments'. My best friend Veronica Martin, is the one that takes the most risks. But Anna, she takes necessary ones. Anna Rose has been my best friend since dippers. Us and Veronica have been the nerds since elementary. Until 6th grade. Veronica and Anna became pretty girls and popular, leaving me behind. We sometimes speak on the weekend, but that's it. They're new friends have bullied me. They sat and watched. "Wow, you must be anorexic, you are so small." That's the one they always say. I want to cry, I want to clap back, I want to say what I want. But my body gets cold, my stomach gets butterflies, and I just sit there, lifeless. I want to have courage I really do, but I never will. I'm the weak one, I'm the nerd, I'm the outcast. I will never be strong. That's what I thought anyway. The next day at school it was the same routine. "Anorexic, how are you today?" She poured her milk carton on her lap. "My bad, are you okay?" She reached over to grab a napkin on over my try, knocking it in my lap. "Oh my, I'm such a klutz." I got up and walked to the bathroom, thank goodness it was my gym clothes thanks to my laziness. I went into a stall to change. I came out to see one of the goons. They began to slowly walk up to me. I backed up into the wall. I was ready, this was normal. But this time was different, I heard a high voice behind them. "Stop!" I saw a girl with a teacher, "Girls, come with me, now." The two girls looked back to me, then following the tall slim teacher. The other girl ran to my side of the bathroom. "I think I'm going to hyperventilate." What, she just saved me, do I need to go get the teacher back? "Are you okay?" "No, those girls bully me to, I wanted to help, now I don't know what they're going to do to me!?" "I'm sorry, you could have left me though." "No thanks, I think that courage is something I lack, at least I have a way to say I'm gaining it. We had some things in common, and we stood up to those bullies, we were in control of our story's again. All I needed was someone to ignite the flame that has been out forever.