The Courageous Little One

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In a village in africa there was once a kid named Kimo and he was very smart the smartest person his parents could ever think exist but it was because he liked to read and he had a very smart father. Books were not expensive and fairly cheap but nobody read because everybody thought that reading books was a waste of time and that they should be learning how to hunt and cook. His family was poor in that part of the country he was very courageous;however, he wanted to help his parents with the poverty so he did everything he had to do and whatever time he had to read he would read whatever book he got from that month. One time he got his hands on a bible by saving up money he got from raising chickens because his father gave him money to buy hens and then he sold eggs around the village and he made some good money. Even though his family was poor he found out how to read on his own and by the time he was 15 the village recognized he had talent and that he could teach them about the bible so he did and he got some money from it. This money though was also not enough to pay for tuition so he bought more books and he read about motors and engineering and one time he learned how to make a little cart from scratch with parts thrown out as junk. One time people from another village had come dressed in weird clothes he had never seen and weird symbols on the shirts. They came to look for a kid to take out for tuition but they told him that he could not be accepted as he was too poor to be the one chosen and they left him and went to another village to look for a boy with more money. The boy was discouraged as he saw that he was not accepted by these men and that he was seen as too poor. One day a group of people that he had never seen before came and he again saw different symbols but this time it was people with a white skin tone and he was curious enough to ask what it was that they were doing. The people said they were looking for a group of people from the village in their teens to take a test to see if they could help some people with the problem of money for schooling and that the people would be told to come to the village gathering area in 5 days when they were going to be ready for testing. That day Kimo told his parents that he saw an opportunity for a better future but his parents said that he was wasting time, that discouraged him and he was sad but he told himself that he would go and he would surprise his parents by passing the test.
5 days later he went over to the village gathering place and he saw a tent with tables set up and the people were explaining to the people in the language they spoke that only 5 people would be chosen to go.The test had these question: #1 What is your favorite thing about the idea of going to school? #2 Do you ever think that you will have a profession when you are a grown up. #3 Will you take this to the full advantage. #10 Do you have enough courage to go to school. After that the test had more advanced questions to see if they knew some of the basic things they needed to know for school. He would get the results a day later and his parents were at home waiting for him to ask were he had gone and that he was needed for something and he said that he was smart enough for school and that he went to take a test.
He was one of the chosen people and he told the people that his family did not have enough money for the trip to school but they told him that he would have to leave the village to go with them and that they would take him to Kenya for the schooling. So he told his parents and they said that if he thought that he could do it and if he would visit them every year he could go and that they would buy a telephone so they could speak to each other even though it would cost them but it is going to be worth it. It turns out Kimo was one of the smartest teens in his class and he went to school for 5 years and they told him that he was ready to go to a special school where they taught him a special education so he could have a profession. He had won a Scholarship that “special education” was actually college and after that he got a profession on teaching and that he was a certified teacher. He taught in Kenya and earned money there and saved enough to bring his parents over there and then he asked them if they remembered when that courageous little boy from there village took that test to affect his entire future.


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