The Courage of Sonia

Sonia was the oldest child of 13 children born to Aiden and Sophia. Aiden worked in the mines for very little pay, while Sophia stayed home.

One day an unusual man came to the village with promises of food and money to all the men that would meet with him. Sophia convinced Aiden to attend and so he did.

The unusual man passed out loaves of bread and handfuls of coins as he told everyone to settle down. He began speaking of ways for the men to earn more food and money. The man uncovered a crate filled with meats, vegetables and a small bundle of money, enough to last for several months, and he pointed to the other crates that were lined up against the fence.

The unusual man went on to explain that he was from a country that overflowed with food and wealth but due to a sickness that had through his village, many of the women were unable to have children and that he, in exchange for a child, would give each man one of the crates. He gave the men an opportunity to ask him questions and then told the men that he was leaving to return to his country the next night. All who were interested in earning the food and money should meet him, with the child, then.

Aiden thought long and hard about how to explain the strange request to Sophia. He gave her the loaf of bread and the handful of coins that the unusual man had given to him and then he explained everything the man had told him during the meeting.

Aiden and Sophia didn’t want to give away any of their children, but times were hard, and they were barely surviving as it was. The food and money were seriously needed, and it would also mean that at least one of their children would have a better life. The decision was made.

The next day, Aiden and Sophia explained their decision to their eldest daughter, Sonia, since she was the oldest and could better understand what was being asked of her. Sonia held her head high and went with her father that night to the destination the unusual man had told them to go to.

It seems that many people from the village had decided to accept the unusual man’s proposition. 23 children in total were taken and exchanged for a crate full of meats, vegetables, and a small bundle of currency. The children were taken by plane to the new country.

Once the plane landed, the children were all guided onto a bus that was waiting for them and taken to a hotel. The older children were paired off and given their own rooms while the younger ones were put in rooms with their assigned adults. Sonia was paired with Cecilia, one of the girls she sat next to on the plane.

The next day Sonia woke up to a knock on her room door. It was the unusual man and he was with a mature looking couple. The unusual man told Sonia that Cecilia had already been adopted earlier that day and the couple with him were there to adopt her.

The couple introduced themselves simply as mother and father and told Sonia that was what she was to call them from now on. They told her to gather her things, which she only had a little doll, and to follow them. Sonia did as she was told which seemed to please them immensely.

When they finally arrived, Sonia couldn’t believe that was her new home. The house was bigger than the hotel she had just left. Father disappeared through another door as mother led Sonia to the kitchen. She told Sonia that it was her responsibility to clean the kitchen daily and to make sure everything was in its proper place. Mother hosted several charity functions throughout the year so the kitchen, which was very huge, always needed to be immaculate for the cooks and caterers.

On the other side of the kitchen, through another door, was the laundry room that Mother told Sonia she was also responsible for. She was to wash, dry, and fold all the linens, sheets, and employee uniforms every day.

Finally, Mother and Sonia reached her new room. Compared to the rest of the house, her room was so plain. It was maybe the size of a walk-in closet. It had a mattress and a box spring and 1 dresser with a small television on top of it.

Mother explained to Sonia that one of the maids would wake her up at 5:30 in the morning to start her day and that she had to complete all of her work before her day could be considered finished, having had to help her birth mother when she lived back home, she was used to hard work.

Several weeks had passed and Sonia did what she was told, when she was told, she never left the house or caused any problems, even when Father started visiting her room at night.

Before long, Sonia became pregnant. Mother and Father let Sonia keep her daughter, Ann, in the room with her but she became pregnant 5 more times and those children were taken away from her as soon as she gave birth.

Through the years Sonia would tell Ann stories about the village where she grew up and about her friends and family that she left behind. She told Ann that even though they were very poor, her family was always happy. Ann asked her if she was happy here with her new family. Sonia told her that she was all the family she needed and that she was very happy with her.

One night, Father came into her room, but this time he grabbed her 5-year-old daughter and took her out with him. Sonia was scared for her daughter, but she was also helpless. Sonia tried to watch television to pass the time, but that night the news ran a report about the unusual man that had brought her to this country. The news report described the unusual man as a dangerous kidnapper that was wanted by the police. When Father brought Ann back, the poor child was in tears. Sonia rocked Ann in her arms until they both fell asleep.

The next day Sonia got up, grabbed her daughter, and the doll, and walked right out the front door. She kept walking for miles until she had finally reached a hospital. Sonia walked up to the first nurse she saw, asked the nurse to help her daughter, and then passed out.

Sonia opened her eyes, noticed that she was in a hospital bed and that Ann was in the other bed next to her. The nurse, Georgia, explained that they were both dehydrated, very undernourished, and that they both also had a sexually transmitted disease.

Sonia’s room started to fill with doctors, cops, and social workers all asking her what had happened to her and her daughter. Sonia was scared but she took a deep breath and began to tell them her story of how the unusual man had brought her to this country and everything that had happened since.

Georgia stayed with Sonia and promised her that she was going to help her and Ann as much as she could, and she did. Georgia took care of Sonia and Ann in the hospital and even brought them to her home when they were discharged and had nowhere else to go. She told Sonia how the police arrested Mother and Father for what they had done to her and her daughter and she hired Sonia an advocate lawyer to help her through the trail.

Mother and Father’s trail became a national sensation thrusting Sonia and Ann into the spotlight. Sonia told her story on the news and television talk shows, and she was also able to meet with government official and even the President.

People all over the country sent Sonia letters and money to help her start a new life. She used the money to help other children who had been victimized like she was. With her help, the government opened an agency devoted to helping children brought to this country for the purposes of pedophilia and/or underage slavery.

Sonia helped thousands of children be reunited with their families and because of her courage and bravery, the President held a special ceremony in her honor. During the ceremony, Sonia was given a medal and she was reunited with her family. They were all granted citizenship in the country and allowed to live there together.

Sonia was able to get her GED, go to college to become a lawyer, and eventually became a judge. Her daughter, Ann, graduated high school, went to college, and became a doctor.