The Alpha

Image of Short Story

Once there were a group of teenagers in the woods looking for this mysterious creature called the alpha they heard about in the news while they were looking around they say glowing red eyes in the fog they started running away from it as it was running after them one of them tripped and fell and could not move the alpha cam up to the girl and scratched her on her side but it healed quickly hers eyes glowed light yellow as they ran after the others one by one they each became apart of the alphas pack they would hide and the shadows and wait for newcomers they would run after them and scratch them sometimes the alpha would send some of his pack out into the open to scratch others and bring them into the pack. but if they refuse there orders they would be killed or sent out in the open for the wolf hunters to bring em down there have been sightings of children that look like wolfs with glowing eyes caught scratching others and after that happened the person who have been scratched there eyes would turn bright yellow. overtime the alphas pack grew larger but 2 individuals who disobeyed his orders and been sent out of the pack so the wold hunters went looking for them they were like runaway wolfs those two names were Ilani and jayden they were both girls they were only 12 years old and were runaways but one night a dark voice called out there names they followed the voice and ended up seeing other runaways they stayed in this under ground house that only runaways know were it is they stayed there for about 4 years until the wolf hunters found out were it was they went down there and shot darts into everyone's backs but Ilani and Jayden escaped. On the full moon no wolfs had control all but on the Alpha had control all the wolfs went on a killing rampage some of them got caught by the wolf hunters and died but some of them new it was a full moon and chained there self up head to toe in an under ground chamber because they did not want to kill or be killed as this all happened the Alpha watched in the shadows in the distance Ilani and jayden also lost control but tried to keep them Self's from killing or hurting somebody After the full moon was over everything went back to normal but jayden and Ilani wondered what was the Alpha's true form they thought that maybe he could trance form into a human to fit in with the rest of them so they creep'ed up behind'ed a tree watching to see if the Alpha would change into to anything they watched and watched nothing happen'd until on minute they heard screaming they saw the Alpha change into a human to fit in just as they guess'ed they followed him into this movie store that only had one person they saw him change and he ran after the person and ROARED AT HIM LOUDLY! as he was about to eat him they Ilani and jayden jumped in and started fighting the Alpha . The Alpha Clawed jaydens face badly Ilani was FURIOUS SHE JUMPED ON THE ALPHA CLAWING AND BITING THE ALPHA JAYDEN JUMPED IN AND HELPED. finally after a long battle they defeated the Alpha.Overtime as they grew to become the new rulers of the pack and when they needed there pack they would run up to the highest peek and howled and called there pack.They were trying to make peace with them instead of trying to make war with them so the wolfs and the wolf hunters became friends.