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My name is Maazin, I am 12 years old and I live with my brother and sister and my parents. I like engineering and electronics, I also like to look inside electronics and other stuff to, and I like  [+]

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I went downstairs and into the kitchen, my mom was making pancakes and today I leave for the great adventure and the best part is that I will be going to the Amazon River, alone! I sit down on the chair bubbled up with excitement, "Now eat your breakfast you are gonna leave in an hour " my mom marveled. I quickly ate, got ready and brought my bag downstairs my dad was waiting for me in the doorway "Can we bring Tiger" I pleaded, Tiger is the kitten I found in the woods all alone and scared he has long hair and a blend of brown black and white, he has been with us for almost a week now. I looked at my dad willingly, "Well you may take him and you better keep good care of him" my dad replied, so I rushed to my room and grabbed all the stuff for Tiger (His toys, food, treats, etc) and went back downstairs with Tiger in my arms we piled all of the stuff in the car and with a wave we set off. It was a long bumpy ride and we finally came to the airport we got out and took out all of the luggage I hugged my dad and I was off. I went into the airport and did all of the stuff that you do in airports and then I sat down in the waiting area, after an hour my flight was called and I went to board the plane after I sat down on my seat which was beside the window I ate my lunch, watched a movie and fell asleep. I woke up in the morning and found out that the plane was going to land in half an hour. I had landed and I gathered my stuff and went out on the road I paused to breathe in the sweet smell then I continued into the bus. We drove all the way to the building. I looked outside and saw airplanes taking off and landing I opened the window and let the soft breeze onto my face, then after a few minutes I got off the bus and went into the building with the others. I was really hungry and my dad gave a lot of money (cause I was staying for a week) so I bought some food and ate and then I called the taxi. After a few minutes, the taxi came, he was a big man with black straight hair and his face looked like as if he went into a fight, I put all of my stuff and told where I wanted to go and gave the money. After an hour of a long bumpy drive, I reached the destination I got of took all of my stuff and thanked him, he drove off and I looked at the acres and acres of woods I went to the renting building and rented a cabin near the river I started out of the door when I heard him say "Hey kid are gonna walk there cause its gonna take you all day we can drive you" I turned around and accepted it and then he asked me for money I muttered to myself and gave him the money I piled my stuff into the back of the golf cart and we were off.
He dropped me off at the cabin and with a wave went back from the way he came. I put the stuff in the cabin I put Tigers stuff in a corner there was a table so I put my stuff over there Tiger was asleep most of the time I took him out and he woke up and stretched and then looked around him and went off adventuring, there was a fridge, I opened it and to my surprise there was already fresh food in there, there was apples, ice cream, milk, and some granola bars. I checked the other cabinets and found cereal so I took a bowl put the cereal in the bowl poured the milk and ate, Tiger also had started to eat. After I was finished eating I gave Tiger some treats and went outside. The first thing I saw was some dears grazing like ten feet away when they saw me they bounded away, I started walking beside the river I saw alligators or crocodiles, I saw parrots, beavers, and some other animals. After an hour of exploring I went back home and found Tiger sleeping. It was getting late and I got my dinner ready, I ate washed my dishes and went to sleep. The next morning I woke up feeling very excited, I got out of bed and went to the cabinet where the bowls were I got out the milk and cereal as I was about to put the cereal in the bowl I heard a knock I went and opened the door and saw a big rough man and then he asked me almost immediately if I want to take a tour of the river and I responded slowly "Um okay". I got my stuff and went into the van when I entered there was nobody inside and I got a little suspicious, "You are the first person " he
grumbled as if he had read my mind. I sat down on the seat and he began driving after a few minutes of driving I started to feel sleepy and I started to say something but couldn't then the van stopped and I was in a deep sleep. I woke up with a start and looked around it was hard to breathe and stuffy and there were no windows and it felt like as if it was underground I got off from where I was there were one lamp and a door, I ran to the door and tried opening it but it wouldn't budge I started yelling help as loud as I could and then almost somewhere nearby I heard someone say "It's no use all they do is make sure you live" I turned around from where the sound came from and saw it was a girl almost the same age as me. "How long have been here" I curiously asked
"Almost a week I think they never take you outside, I am Elisha by the way" she replied "I am Oliver", just then we heard footsteps outside the door then the door banged open and in came an innocent looking man he gave us some food and water and then left, we ate our food and then I felt sleepy so I went to sleep. I woke up to a scratching sound and then followed by a meow I got up in surprise as I saw the dirt under the door beginning to loosen and then it struck me I forgot to close the door of my cabin. After a few minutes of digging in poped Tiger, he ran straight to me and started purring against my leg "Tiger!!" I exclaimed, "He is your cat?" "Yes, he is I brought him along on my trip". Then an idea struck me if we dug the dirt underneath the door then we may be able to crawl out I told the idea to Elisha she agreed and we started digging after an hour of digging we made a hole big enough for us we crawled out and started up the stairs, we finally reached a door, we opened it a crack and saw that it led out into the woods we walked out careful not to make noise we ran the rest of the way and came to a hill we climbed it to the peak and looked below us we saw a few buildings and one of them was the police headquarters we ran all the way when we reached there we were very tired. I put Tiger down and we went in we told the police everything they said that they will hunt down the people. They drove me home and Elisha to hers. A few days later we heard the news that they had been caught it was time for me to go home so I packed up took Tiger and went to the airport. When I arrived home I got huge hugs from my parents, then I put my stuff away ate lunch and then I told them everything.

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