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Footstep clack hard against the marble road as I walk towards the golden-white gates. Swords and skeletons of men alike scattered the scenery with an eerie gloom.

And where many warriors had tried and failed, we stood now at the gates of the high gods' court. Not even death could touch us, for we were the last to face our injustice.

“Brynk, Brynk, Brynk! Oh, how good it is to finally meet you!” An angelic looking creature cushions his landing with enormous wings seemingly made of pure energy or light. Yet, he still manages to send dust and debris to fling wildly across the bridge forcing my companions to cover their faces.

He pushed the pummel of his spear into the ground as he lifts himself into a heroic stance. His height was unmatched by any of us standing before him. He was clad from head to toe in gilded-silver armour, just about the only thing you could see from under it was his eyes. A golden glow which seems to cut through any kind of darkness; no matter how dense or decrepit.

“As it would seem, I have taken your place? Would you not agree?” He questions in more of a joking manner.

“Wait? You-your...” Gerald, the ‘white’ knight, stumbles over his words.

“Oh, you did not know of this?” He chuckles under his helm. “Brynk is no mere mortal. Is that not why you wear that mask of your’s?”

I grit my teeth before unsheathing and pointing my claymore at him. “You know nothing!”

“Oh, is that so?” He tilts his head slightly while spinning his spear. “Then prove it.”

Rage builds inside of me before I turn my sword so that the point was aimed at his heart. I leap into a dash leaving a puff of dust with every step. That was until I hit his spear.

He had interlocked our weapons causing mine to be completely useless, however, I hadn’t realised this until he went for a followed-up counter. And with the bottom half of the spear; he crushed the air free from my lungs and sent me crashing to the ground.

The clatter of both my armour and my sword left the area in silence. I grunt as I roll to my side.

“As it would seem, I was wrong... You are more mortal now without wings,” he states before reaching for my mask.

A light smirk runs across my face as I hold the dent in my chestplate. And right before he is able to lay a finger on me; I pull the dagger from my waist, and plunge it right under the armour plating covering his abdomen.

He steps back wrenching the blade free from his side. “Srylian? A mere trick... I am for once... impressed.” He falls to his knees before crashing to the ground.

“What’re you all waiting for!” Gerald yells as I roll onto my back.

“I’m not gettin’ close to that-that thing!” One of the others responds back.

I let a sigh free before pushing myself from the marble surface. I then pull my dagger out from the gods still hands, and pick up my claymore from the edge of the bridge.

“We’re not following some kind of monster!” Another yells before I look at the group of ex-adventurers.

They gave up their lively hoods for me, and now what? To stop before the end? Can I blame them? It took me over a century to get here...

“Then I will go alone,” I state while sheathing my two blades.

“What’re you saying? They’ll rip you to shreds!” Gerald almost screams.

“What other choice do I have?” I more or less state with a saddened tone.

“You could always leave...”

“Then what? Keep repeating the same thing day in, day out. I’ve been running quite long enough; this is my time to set this world right again. And if I have to do so alone, so be it.”

“Wait, ya’re gonna need another sword to hold off your back,” Lynx says as he steps free from the crowd, “and I would’ve helped here, but these bozos kept me from gettin’ out.”

He laughs as the rest of the group grunts and grumbles to his words, and I let a light smile cover my face. A blades-master would be a benefactor to keeping the other gods away from me.

“It settles it then, I will follow till the grave.” Gerald salutes before turning to the rest of the group. “If you’re not willing to follow... We won’t blame you for leaving at this moment!”

As he yells this out the thought resonates with me; this is really the end? I then turn towards the slowly opening gates. Time to finish what has been started.

“But if you’re willing to stand against this corruption, then with me! Brothers in arms till the end!” Gerald gladly yells as he raises his sword into the air, and a roaring cheer erupts from the people who remain with us.

That is until the gates open and hulking angelic beasts emerge from within. Not only do I turn to see if any of our men had run away with the others, but I was being actually being passed by them.

“Come with me,” Lynx whispers as he grabs my wrist and begins to pull me through the now fighting crowd and through the gates.

“Now what do we do?” Gerald sighs while stopping next to us.

“We go for Regalia,” I coldly state.

“The god of gods? Are you serious...” Lynx looks at me with widened eyes.

“Wasn’t it you who said ‘bravery is arrogance’?” Gerald crosses his arms as I turn towards him.

I then pull my mask free, revealing my golden glowing eyes. “Sometimes you have to have faith built on nothing but courage.”

“R-right...” Gerald slums his arms to his sides. “Then, lead the way.”

I grin as I clip my mask to my waste, and pull my claymore free. And then we begin for the central building, while simultaneously bypassing the other angelic soldiers which were going towards where the.

And as we wait for them to pass, one of them stop for a split second before peering towards our general direction. However, another soldier grabs his pauldron and yanks him back into the march.

“That was close,” Lynx says with humour in his voice.

“I’d say,” Gerald chuckles while pulling his shield free from his back.

Silence stretches between the three of us as we climb the steps to the entrance of the High Court. However, before we can get to the grand doors, Lynx sets his hand on my shoulder.

“I-I...” He chokes on his words before letting a sigh free, “I and Gerald shall keep the others off of ya back as ya get Regalia, and... don’t die on me.”

“Yes... of–course,” I nod slightly before turning back to face the doors.

I then grab and pull the doors open to reveal a luxurious main hall. Noice filled the hall as three of the most supreme gods stood in the centre of it. Yet, their conversation stops as the metallic clicks of my boots hit the marble flooring.

“Who dares enter the court without...” The tallest one of the three of them slows his speech as he looks down upon us.

“B-Brynk?” The god wearing gilded red cloth which hung from his shoulders, signaling his stature on being the god of gods.

I narrow my eyes as my grip tightens around the handle of my claymore.

“Regalia, for your actions against my people we shall put you to the blade!” Gerald yells over the screeching of the other gods' weapons.

“You’ve brought guests? Elrich, Tyrious, end them...” Regalia growls before turning to face me, “leave Brynk to me.”

I grin, oh, how I have waited for this day. I then brace myself as both he and I dash at each other, yet once our blade clack against one another; my cracks. And after another hit, it shatters.

“Srylian... the strongest metal, even strong enough to kill a god.” Regalia spins his sword in his hand. “Did you really forget that?”

He goes to strick once more, however, I slip almost completely under his blade, only being grazed slightly. Then draw my blade, and stick it in his right armpit.

He grunts with pain before trying to strick me once more. And ultimately misses, which allows me to slice his under knees. He then falls to the ground with a grunt as his weapon clatters against the marble.

“You took everything I’ve ever loved,” I grit my teeth as I speak, “and now, your day of reckoning has come.”

He then tries to stop me as I plunge the blade into his chest. Which leads him to grab my wrist, that is until a golden-white light begins to resonate from within him, then fades.

“It’s over now,” I state as I pull the blade free.

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