Image of Short Story
We all wonder from time to time if there is truly someone out there for us. It's what they would call, "SOULMATE". When I was younger, I use to dream about when and where I would finally meet my soulmate, but as I got older, I realized that I may never find the one for me. I guess your wondering who I am right. Well, my name is Shay Flores and I am 20 year old living in the city of Angels, known as New York City and finally ready to get out into the world. So, I decided to go to college. As I am walking around campus at New York University, there were many buildings. As I was trying to figure out where to go, I mistakenly ran into someone. Without looking at them, I could tell that, that someone was very tall, very shapely, that I was too nervous to even make eye contact with the stranger, until he spoke to me with his very deep voice. It was like the voice of a God. As I looked up, it was like looking at an Angel. He's white/silver eyes were so captivating. Never in my life have I've seen eyes like this before. I couldn't believe the feelings I was having. As he reached out to help me up, I felt a static of electricity jolted through me body and by the look on his face, he felt it too. It was if we were being pulled to each other. After finally getting up from the ground with his help, he introduced himself to me. With his deep husky voice, he said the name Tony. A name that I would never forget. After the awkward introductions with each other, we started walking and talking. Never in my life did I ever think that I would be talking and walking with someone as perfect as Tony. But I guess crazier things have happened right. As the months went by, Tony and I became closer and closer. When I was with him, it was the best feeling in the world and when I was away from him, it was like sadness had overwhelmed me. But, I made sure that I wouldn't let that stop me from ever being with him again. As time had passed I realized that I fell in love with Tony from the moment that I first saw him, and I often wondered if he felt the same way for me. I barely really knew who he was even though we had been spending time together for months now,and there had been times when Tony would disappear for what he would say for work reasons and I would see him the next day with fresh bruises and scars which he chalked up to saying that it's because he likes boxing. A part of me knew he wasn't telling the truth, but I just couldn't help how I felt. Until one night, when my love was truly tested. As I was anxiously waiting for Tony to come by, I felt something very strange in my heart. Like someone or something was slowly being ripped from me heart and if I didn't stop this feeling from happening, I would never be the same again. As I am making my way to the door, I started getting a very painful headache, a headache that I have never had before. As I close my eyes, I start seeing images, very very images of people fighting , some light some dark. I couldn't shake this feeling, but somehow, I knew that these images had to do with Tony. As I exited the door, I ran down the street. I could feel the pull of Tony getting stronger and stronger, and out of nowhere, I saw a beam of white light, mixed with darkness. I couldn't explain what I saw, but I knew I had to run to it. As I was making my way to the light, I felt a sharp pain in my heart. It was like my heart was bleeding. But, with all the pain and I knew I had to get to that light, because somehow, I knew that Tony was there. As I kept running, I saw it. Tony fighting and bleeding. But, who and what he was fighting was beyond me. I didn't know what to make of it. These things were black with wings and very sharp teeth and claws. And there was Tony with his white light fighting with all his heart. As the fight continued, I could feel and see Tony getting weaker and weaker. In that moment, I knew that I needed to help him, in any way that I could. So, without any hesitation, jumped in, as I could see one of the black creature about attack Tony and instead of him getting hurt, I jumped in between Tony and the creature. And like a flash, the creatures sharp nails connected with my flesh. All I could see was my blood sprout from my body and all I could think about was that I saved Tony. I saved the man that I loved. And like that, my mind went back to the stories my mom use to tell me about my dad. About how she knew he was her soulmate, from the first time that she seen him. And that's when I knew that Tony was mine. He was my soulmate. He was what I have been waiting for. He was the one to get me out from my darkness and into his light. As I collapsed to the ground, I saw Tony swiftly turn around, unaware of what just transpired. As he gazed down to me bloody body on the ground, I could see and feel the sadness in his eyes. I could feel that he knew what I knew, that we were might for each other and now, we are about to lose each other just as we realized it. As I could see the tears forming in his beautiful white/silver eyes, I also saw anger and sadness, and out of nowhere, I let out a scream that could have been heard across the nation. He's white light grew brighter and more beautiful by the minute. And just like that two bright white wings sprouted from behind. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would see this. My Tony. He looked like an Angel that was sent from heaven just for me. As I near death, the light from Tony somehow pierced the darkness, and all the dark creatures and darkness faded away as if they had all been cleansed by Tony himself and before I knew it, a beam of light shot down onto Tony as he made his way to me. He gathered me up into his arms, with tears in both our eyes, I finally gathered to admit to Tony that I finally found him, that he was the love of my life and even though I never truly knew who or what he was, that, that didn't matter to me, because I knew that he was the one for me, my true SOULMATE. As I was nearing death, Tony bent down whispered to me, "Please don't leave me Mi Amore (My Love), I've finally found you, my ALMA GEMELA (Soulmate)." And with that, he wrapped his wings around me and planted a kiss on my lips. It was a warmth and love that I have never felt before in my life. His kiss screamed love. But, as much as I wanted to stay with him, my very breath started to get slower and slower until I was no longer within my own body. As I began to fade away, losing the feeling of Tony's kiss I heard voices telling me that everything was going to be okay and that it wasn't my time yet that I needed to go back. And just as I opened my eyes, I saw them, Angels.They were glowing in the same white light as Tony. As I was standing there they were telling me that Tony is an Angel that chose to fall down into earth and try to save humanity from the darkness. That being up in heaven, he never felt complete, like something was missing, like a piece of his heart. I asked them how I could see and feel everything that was happening to him. With the biggest smile plastered across her face, my mom let me know that it was because when God saw incomplete Tony's life was in heaven, he knew that it was because Tony never found his Soulmate in life so he made sure that he would find her, so he took a piece of Tony's heart and created me. I knew than that I couldn't leave him, that I had to get back to him. And just as that feeling of certainty enter me, I hugged and told my parents I love them one last time and and ran to the beam of light that was gazing behind me. As I entered the light, there he was. He reached for me and without hesitation, I took a hold of his hand and just like that I woke up in his strong arms. After gazing into each others eyes which felt like forever, we stood up with smiles across our faces and with the same breath we both spoke, "I love you. My love. My one and only. My Soulmate.