She Who Found Courage

We were made to be courageous we were not designed to fear! Crying tears of sorrow or feeling like we’re out of gear, their once was a girl who never knew her way though she was brave she’d never known courage until the day she gave her life away for the greater good as they would say. She learned the balance between faith and fear. Her tears were no longer from sadness for she found now great joy! She’d become Daniel facing the giants in her life though she’d experience some sort of defeat it will never be seen that way because whatever loss she’s ever faced has been a lesson. The tests she’s encountered in life were designed for growth for she was a seed buried in darkness, until she realized she was instead planted being watered so she may later bloom. There’s poison in her soil and bugs on her foundation they feed off of her as she feeds off of the water, the sun and the energy surrounding her. The objective is to gather more around her, like her but not really like her does that make sense? Never worried never stressed because every piece in this puzzle is designed to be there in the way that it appears it’ll always fall into place because it’s meant to be that way. She’ll overcome all those who’ve doubted her, those who said she couldn’t do it she will rise up and realize her only true competition is herself. She spends time with herself daily, she envisions who she’s supposed to be;

(Approaches Her Mirror)

(Stares at her reflection)

“You know you should be better off?!”

“You know you’re supposed to be greater than this”

“You’ve overcame soooo much!!!”

“You’ve stared death in the face on more than one occasion and survived “

“If they leave let them leave, If they stay they know your worth it babe!!!”

“God is within her she will not FAIL” NOW REMIND YOURSELF DAILY OF THAT !

She’s faced all her demons, she’s experienced her fair share of her trenches she’s lost so many people, friends & family you name it she’s done it. She was brought up with the “get it how you live “ mentality, it didn’t get her anywhere it just had her in circles over and over she’d make the same errors she’d love others before she’d love herself but this time she will love herself making sure nothing comes before her except for Christ, She’s a warrior, fighter & lieutenant. She’s a soldier of light she’ll never lower herself for anyone. She is royalty daughter to the highest king, she’s been taught to love her enemies and pray for those who persecute her. Suffering, betrayal & humility one in the same as God did when he came down to the world in human form and was crucified for all whom turned on him. Those who’ve turned on her did her a favor for a wise woman once said when somebody shows you who they are believe them. She’s designed from a different cloth and though the heartache she’s experienced has made her the woman she is today who’s to say things weren’t meant to be this way. Courage is the master key to this vault called life when you have it you can’t be defeated, you continue in your purpose & giving up isn’t an option is not something that can be sold or bargained it’s something that’s in you, you just have to take the time to find it.

So when she enters a room and they all stare its not her who they are gazed upon it’s the light shining through her the courage that she so proudly wears as if its her favorite pair of shoes with the matching bag, She has something so many wish they can find and her testimony will be designed to change their lives, Well if they let it, but don’t be nervous or jealous feeling like your less than. This isn’t a race of who can get there first everyone has their bumps we all have our lanes when we work together we’re all in first place !