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We are eating, and then suddenly the table shook and threw all of our dishes to the floor. “Earthquake”! Papa yelled. Outside, the ground was shaking and people were running around, trying to escape the earthquake. We had practiced the earthquake drill and set to work. Mama and papa gathered everything we would need for a shelter and they also took money. I ran to my parents bedroom, where my baby sister was sleeping. I snachted her up with the bag we prepared in case of an earthquake. I ran to my room and took the rock necklace my grandma had given me before she died. It was my only physical memory of her. I was kind of scared. Earthquakes in ordon can be dangerous. My baby sister, who was only one, had woken up and started crying. I quickly hushed her and ran to where my parents were finishing packing up. We went to the grey earthquake building our village had made. When we arrived the place was almost fully packed. Mama found a corner were we could put down blankets and we tried to calm down a little bit, cause this earthquake seemed to be a small one. Everybody had just started to calm down, when suddenly the roof of the building crashed down on us!

Suddenly the air turned black, blinding me with its smoke. I could not see my family, and i was starting to really panic, when i saw my two hundred dollars i had also took from my room. Good, i thought to myself, at least the money's not lost. I picked it up and rushed outside and ran away from the building. I had wondered why there was smoke, and when i got to the back of the building, i saw a oil lamp, with fire surrounding it. It was what had started the fire. As i started to run to the city that was close to our village, and suddenly a man who had followed me pounced on me, blindfolding me and tying my hands up. He tossed me onto a cart, and took me away. Another man who was waiting there put something over my nose, and i fell asleep.

When i woke up, i was was being carried to a throne, where another man sat. When the man who was carrying me saw i was awake, he put me down and i started to walk on my own. The man had taken the blindfold of but i was still tied up. The man who was sitting on the throne did not look kind, and he was old. As we approached him, he said “my name is adam. you are probably wondering why you are here. Well, that necklace you received is..... Something special to me. You can tell us where it is, and return to your home, otherwise you will have to stay here and live in the dungeon. take her away”. he told a guards. As i was being led away, i was sulking because i forgot to say something and i really wanted to say i did not have the necklace, but that would be lying. And if the wanted it so bad why didn’t they just search her?

We reached the dungeon's big iron door and i obediently walked inside. The door shut with a bang behind, and i was left alone. I searched myself for the necklace and found it inside the top of my underwear. I must have put it there before we left the house. Suddenly, tears came to my eyes, remembering my family. Then, i remembered something my baby sister had done. She had taken playdo and actual clay and made them look alike. That is what i should do with the necklace! My necklace was made of rock, and there was plenty of that in the dungeon. I found a piece of twine that looked like what the rock hung from, and i found another rock. I set to work making a hole in the rock so the piece of twine can go through it. I don’t think adam would notice the difference in the one i was making. He was old, so he will not have great eyesight. I had made a plan in my head. I would give the fake rock to the man, hide the original one in my underwear again, and then when i get outside i will go to the big rock in the city that my parents have told me to go to if i am in trouble, and then i will wait for them their. The next morning, when i presented my finished fake necklace, and asked directions to town,he let me go. I ran to the limit i did not know i could reach, and got to town in two hours. As i neared the rock, i saw my family, and happily joined them.

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