Risk Everything

Christopher Frost was the number one prospect in soccer coming out of Portside High School in Galveston,Texas. He had always had a passion for soccer. From a young age, he excelled beyond the others his age. He would always play up as a seventh grader, and he got his first chance to play for a big team. Portside had always produced really good soccer talent. Their were always recruits watching their games so Christopher was very happy about this offer. He was offered to play varsity soccer and he accepted the offer.

Christopher did not play much as a seventh grader, but when he did, he made a difference. Then during his eighth grade year, he finally got his chance to start for the varsity team. He got all conference midfielder that year. He worked very hard to get lots of people to finally notice him. He was the highest goal scorer in his division for his last two years at highschool. He had many full ride scholarship offers to many Division One colleges. He chose to go to the same college that his dad went to--Stanford University. He chose to wear the number ten just like his dad. During his years at Stanford, he was going to major in sports medicine and play soccer. His freshman year, he worked his way up from the practice squad to the starting team.

One rainy night against Washington at home during homecoming week, Christopher was playing mid-field that night when the Washington striker made a final push to try to tie the game up. Christopher risked everything with a slide tackle. He saved the ball, but the striker slid into his thigh pushing his leg back causing him to tear his groin muscle. Stanford won their homecoming game because of Christopher. He risked everything for his team and it payed off for the team but hurt him.

This recovery process would put Christopher out off soccer for six weeks. This injury was on his left leg, his main kicking leg. When and if Christopher recovered, it would be just in time for the playoffs. Over this dreadful time, he lost his starting position to a new transfer. This made him work harder than ever. He started doing anything that would make him recover the second he could. He wanted to quit because he had gone from the top to the bottom. He had lost all his scouting in the Major League Soccer, and he wasn't even on the radar anymore. He worked back to what he was before his injury and he got even better. It was now the playoffs for Stanford. Christopher was chosen as captain for Stanford for the playoffs. This was big for him because he was a freshman. He lead his team to the championship!. This is the first time they have been to the championship in seven years. When they started the game, Stanford came out strong scoring three goals. The University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) answered back by scoring four goals.

Going into halftime, Stanford was down by one. Christopher hyped his team up at halftime and they came out better than ever. Stanford scored their fourth goal tying up their score. There were two minutes left in the game. Christopher stole the ball from UCLA and made a push to their goal. He took the shot and the whole world went still for Christopher. His whole soccer career flashed before his eyes. Next thing he knew, he won the championship for Stanford. His next three years with Stanford would be very successful. They won the next three championships with Christopher. He would be named the best player in his conference during his senior year. He had almost every team in the MLS wanting him on their team. This decision was very hard for Christopher. He choose to go Orlando City, South Carolina, his favorite team as a young boy. During his first year at Orlando,he did well but he will never be done taking risk.