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The thing you need to understand right off the bat is: this isn’t real. The world you and I live in. We’re in the Re-World, we’re on the do-over planet. For the Bretz, it’s a nasty world, that real world. In that world, the year 2019 is a pretty dark time. There was no Al Qaeda, of course, and no Christianity, The was no United States, Disneyland or Harry Potter.

Instead, in 2019 the whole world is being threatened by an unsteady collection of murders and thugs, the Clesh. Only the Bretz is desperately trying to unite the idea of a free world, only Bretz. Originally a pseudo-intellectual pocket of scientists, entrepreneurs and creative headquartered at KeyLock near Boston, this eclectic aggregation of societal orphans somehow became the ad-hoc government in hiding, defending the few hundred thousand people who suffocate under the ever-tightening grip of the Clesh.

Once a population of nearly 85 million people, the few remaining reside mostly underground and out of sight, still wistfully hoping for another golden era. The Clesh meanwhile compete with Aphlaxia, a fatal disease that has killed nearly 85 million people, to see which will finally close the book on the Bretz experiment. Any Bretz foolish enough to wander outside the walls of their haven at Keylock faces certain death from one or the other.

In 1995, Oslo Kensington and his research assistant Sheena Wallach made history when they managed to apply string theory to the Bose-Einstein Condensate displacement algorithm and by employing a nanic compressor, managed to develop what they called a stringship. A time traveling device capable of both time and distance travel. With only a short time remaining before capture by the Clesh, Kensington and his confidant African historian Locklear, he decides that the only hope the Bretz people have is to somehow initiate a complete Do Over; a Reboot, a Reworld. With only one test run of the stringship and increasing pressure from the oncoming Clesh forces, Kensington decides to hide the stringship, destroy his research and go into hiding.

Twenty years later, faced with no other options for survival, a new and impatient leader of the Bretz underground, Temper Jones and a small band of Bretz rebels, upon hearing rumors of a time-traveling stringship, concoct a plan to change history, ridding themselves of the Clesh for good.

According to documents found by Jones’ band, the historian Locklear found a political radical from the ancient Roman Empire named Jesus of Galilee. He had been planning a coup in the district of Herod Antipas against Roman rule. His plans were found out and he was put to death. Tempers group decided if they could prevent that execution and support this coup in some way, it would change the course of history sufficiently to shine a little light on the coming dark ages.

Unknown to Temper Jones, Kensington had sent his own son on the same mission years earlier on the first test. The stringship had returned empty, Kensington's son Simon was presumed dead.

Upon arriving in Jerusalem the week before Christ's execution the rebel team discovers that Kensington's son, Simon, who was thought to have perished in the first trial of the String ship, was actually a confidant of the political figure Jesus and had been living in close proximity for several years. He was having a difficult time keeping Jesus out of the Romans way.

Unable to prevent the execution, the team follows the burial party to Jesus tomb where, using a standard paramedic kit, they resuscitate and repair Jesus' broken body. After several weeks of recovery, Jesus approaches his apostles in hopes of reinvigorating his political efforts. His apostles are now fearful, thinking he is some kind of satanic force, and they are clearly afraid of him. Unable to convince his apostles of his humanity. Jesus wanted to be rid of the Romans, he wanted the people of Israel free from further tyranny, he wasn’t interested in saving men's souls. Jesus finally abandons the idea of political reform and travels to the future with the stringship team to find that the world has indeed been partially changed somewhat for the better thanks to the 'Resurrection.' and Simon remaining in Jerusalem to salvage their efforts.

Today, Jesus can be found running a food bank in a small town in Washington state with his wife Maggie. They have three children.