Parking Spot

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Lora Bookman was a young, ambitious , young lady that loved to see the
world. It actually became a sudden decision for her to move away from her
normal world to step into the unknown. It all started 2 years ago after Lora was fed
up with her environment. She felt the need to venture off without telling anyone.
Her normal routine was working 3 jobs, juggling being an aspiring screen writer,
and being the families "go to girl". In fact Lora was so determined to leave home
she quit all her jobs to start over in another State. For some that sounded foolish,
but only simple minded individuals would disagree. " I'm headed East'. Kelly
proclaimed as she took her 8 hour drive up the East Coast. Stopping in the
beautiful city of Mystic Beach SC, that’s where Lora decided to make that her
home. To hear the roaring waves brought her sanity. This moment was so unreal.
Imagine being an obligation for many, then finally in your own domain.
Everything went planned as Lora wanted it. She landed her a job, managed to find
a place to live, and landed a writing job for Sun Haven Studios. Life was going

Eight months later things went South. Lying to her family like things were okay.
Lora's mother called her daily to check on her. " Hey Lora","How are things
going"? "Do you need anything"? her mother asked. Once again Lora was strong
and kept the pain hidden. The company Lora worked for was audited and had to
lay off workers. Unfortunately since she was the last to get hired, she was the first
to get fired. This really put a damper on things. Not to mention the Oceanfront
Condo she rented would soon be vacant. Living in total fear for 3 weeks without a
job Lora found herself being a dishwasher for a staffing agency. How do you
transform from writing to washing dishes. But, she’s 600 miles away from home.
No one to turn to. Was it pride that kept her from telling her truth? Or was it the
fact that Lora really knew this place was her destiny? The fact that making 9.00 an
hour was a deal breaker.

At work Lora became the "Hot Topic". Constantly hearing giggles, walking past
people whispering "That girl is homeless", what’s a girl suppose to do? As time
went by the whispering became a chant. "Homeless girl aboard." The manager
made special adjustments to the work schedule. Pulling her to the side one day to
ask her a personal question, '' How do you bathe''? ''Excuse me'' Lora interrupted
him quickly. ''Look, I don't really think you know who your talking to"! The
manager replied '' Yes I do", You moved from home and now you're homeless"
, All I'm trying to do is help out", He handed her a list of shelters in the area, that
made things very uncomfortable. As bad as she wanted to wrap this man up and
toss him somewhere she still kept her composer and finished her shift. After work
Lora went home and wrote and cried about her dreadful road to destiny. Before she lied down for rest Lora got on face book to chat with a couple of friends from home suddenly she sees a LIVE video of her coworker making fun of her being homeless and saying cruel things. He never said a name but Lora knew who he was talking about She knew this moment was going to come, when she was forced to defend herself. Not that she was scared but more That burned Lora up inside. Fighting tears she took a scroll on the beach to clear

Months later Lora marched into her job handed the manager a piece of paper and walked out. When the manager read the paper his mouth dropped. All he could do was drop his head in disgust. Lora sashayed out the building with the brightest smile. It read; "You are cordially invited to the 52nd Annual Screen Writers award show" Lora Bookman a 3 time nominated winner will be the guest of honor". This award came from the same company that dropped her out the blue. No one knew that Lora was never paid nor recognized for her brilliant ideas. It was months before she got her first payment. She never received the recognition she deserved.

The award show started. Before they revealed the "break out writer of the year" they showed videos of the competition and a small biography of them. When it was Lora's turn it showed a vacant parking lot with a car parked in one of spots.. The crowd looked in confusion. '' The winner of the break-out artist goes to...... Lora Bookman. In the back before she went on stage Lora put her face book on live so that all her friends and family could witness this. Lora walked out onto the stage greeted by a standing ovation and loud cheering. With tears in her eyes she say the screen and starred at it. The applause fainted. It was silence for 2 minutes. Lora had tears streaming down her face. People thought she was scared but for Lora this was a moment she dreamed of all her life. As she put her lips to the microphone Lora turned around and pointed at the screen. "I know this is an odd picture of me." That vacant lot you see was my home for a year. I wrote all my novels living in my car. " I moved away from home a year ago to chase destiny, and what I discovered is that destiny takes courage. "Being the laughing stock against 10 people was not easy." Before I knew it everyone knew that I was homeless. ''It was easy for me to run back home and go back to my normal but, against all odds I'm glad to be a survivor. "To all the negative words that were said towards me, "I humbly thank you! ''It takes a tenacious person to stand here in front of the world to confess my the truth, ''To my family, I apologize for the lies" as you can see this is my story, my life, my personal story of Courage." For this I want to call it ''Parking Spot".