Opening the Door

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She stood silently in front of the door. The grip on her books tightened as she took another breath. Only the door in front of her was blocking her from her destiny. Her hand froze at the touch of the metallic doorknob. She fretfully stepped back, questioning whether she had made a mistake. With her fingers wrapped on the handle, she could no longer restrain herself. She pushed through the door like she was Wonder Woman herself, but soon interrupted by the wave of pupils focused in on her. She was a lone wolf in a mighty forest; a mighty creature surrounded by the trees that towered over her.
“Miss, are you lost?” the professor remarked. His words pierced her soul. The words of the past bounced in her head like a pinball machine. Her conscience howled to be heard.
“Is this the advanced physics class?” she mumbled.
“Why yes miss,” he smirked.
“Then I believe I this is the class I’m supposed to be in this hour. Are you Dr. Stein?”
“Yes, your name...” he hastily said running his finger through the list, “ it on the roster?”
“Kelly, Kelly Anderson.”
“Oh...I didn’t realize...”
“Thank you for your troubles sir,” she smiled as she took a seat. This is not the first time she was put in this kind of a situation, but it would not be her last. She knew that. It did not stop her though. With nothing left to say, she flipped open her binder, tore out a sheet, and sharpened her pencil. She was ready to fight this battle, but it all started with mustering up the courage to open the door.

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