Once Upon Time

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Once upon time, a young girl by the name of Cindy was spoiled by her parents. She had everything she wanted except love from her brothers. Her two brothers were a few years older than he, but it really didn’t matter, because she was the only girl. They stayed in a small town where everyone knew everybody. Cindy was a tomboy, everything her brothers did she did as well. She always tried to out due her brothers, in everything they did. They always taunted her, by being bullies and calling her names. Sometimes she was afraid and frightened, because they were bigger than her, but it never stopped her. She strived to be better than them, in spite of how they treated her. As they got older they all entered sports. One of the boys played basketball, one played football and Cindy played soccer. No matter how hard she tried to prove herself to her brothers, they still didn’t notice how hard she worked. Time and time again she fought, but Cindy just felt like she wasn’t good enough. A couple of years had passed, and they were in high school. One of the brothers was in the 11th grade, the other brother was in the 10th grade and Cindy was in the 9th grade. The boys were like superstars and Cindy was cute, but she just wasn’t as popular as her brothers. At times they acted as if Cindy didn’t exist. She was always put on the back burner, coming in 2nd place, or not fast enough. Still in all, she kept fighting and fighting. The summer was coming up and she knew there was only one way to get her brothers attention. She worked in day in and day out, so she could win the varsity tournament that was coming up. She wanted to show her brothers that she could win the tournament. Of course her brothers had to be part of the varsity team. There was no way that they would pass up that option. They always came in 1st place in every tournament. They were the kind of boys you could call cocky. They were undefeated with the best time record. Cindy knew she had to bring her A game if she wanted to defeat her brothers. In her heart she knew she could do it, she had constant encouragement by her friends. Meka, Brit, and Jaz always had Cindy’s back. Cindy and her friends grew up together, so they understood why she felt the way she did about her brothers. They just didn’t understand why they treated her the way they did. Never the less, they stood beside their best friend. Every single day Cindy and her friends worked out. They never one time doubted their friend they knew she could do it. As time was approaching for the varsity tournament, she entered it without a hint of hesitation. There were serval different teams. One group was called Warriors another team was called shiners and another one called soldiers. Her brother’s team was called batter up and her team was called kickabutt. The announcer told all the participants that the tournament would began in two weeks, and everyone was excited. It only gave Cindy enough time to do a little extra work although, she was ready for war. Only three days away and Cindy’s brothers were walking around bragging about how they were undefeated and how they were going to kick their opponents but. All she could do was smile when she heard her brothers bragging. She had it in her head that she was going to beat them at their own game. Day one, obstacle course, the record to beat is a 9.6. You had to do ten jumping jacks, 10 pushups and run around the track twice. Cindy and her brothers were neck and neck. Her brother was the 1st on the track, but she was dead on his heels. He won by one point, she got a 9.5 and he got a 9.4 the second course was to sprint from one end of the court, to the other end, and climb the 6 foot wall. Although Cindy was afraid of heights, she had the courage to climb that wall to beat her brothers. The time to beat was 10.6, once they heard the sound of the horn, Cindy was gone. She ran so fast up and down that court, and jump that wall, that her brother didn’t even have a chance to catch up. She finished at a 10.2 everyone cheered for her, her and her brothers were one for one. They went back and forth for the next four games until they were tied. The boys couldn’t believe how they sister was shining on them. It really took them by surprise. They started noticing that their sister wasn’t playing no games with them. The next two obstacles were the hardest of them all. One of them was the swimmers race. The record to beat was a 10.1, Cindy won at a 9.8, she swam so fast that the whole crowd was going wild and cheering for her. One more tournament to go. Cindy was a little bit nervous, because her brothers was the best at the long jump. Her brothers still taunted her and one even pushed her down so hard that she hurt her ankle. Hopping on one foot, she was determined to give up. She knew she had to beat them by so many feet, but she didn’t know if she could do it, she started to doubt herself again. Her brothers went 1st and scored amazingly well on the long jump. After a few more people went it was finally on Cindy. Although her ankle was her bad she had the courage to stand up and try it anyways. She stood up and waited for the horn to sound off she started running faster and faster and she jumped so far she beat her brothers by 2ft. the crowd went wild and her brothers couldn’t do nothing but give her, her props. Every since then they gave her the respect that she very well deserved.


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