Night Terrors

Image of Short Story
The night terror reaches up high for just one bright star. The wind whispers a screaming tune, warning the stars to run. Every day Sun comes back and the stars go hide, dreading the next time Moon comes around.

Earth and space always lived peacefully together. Listening to music every time Moon comes out, just to celebrate another day. Stars would shoot around and people plant a wish upon them. All those wishes would be sent to Moon to be granted the next day. The village would become more beautiful than the last day. No one's wish was ever for themselves, so Moon had no problem granting them, yet Moon never paid attention to many of the wishes after some time. But then the Night Terror was born, the town never knew of this terror and all the hatred he would soon bring.

The Night Terror would never show color, never have feelings. The Night Terror never liked the idea of wishes. Until one night, the terror wanted to experiment and see if it was true all wishes were granted. That one single wish he wanted would then destroy peace in the town forever.

“I wish no wish is ever granted again!”

Within 3 days the town had changed for good. There was no more music to celebrate every day Sun gave them. The stars would shoot and nothing would be planted on them. Moon couldn’t collect any more wishes.

Moon didn’t shine as bright and the stars didn’t have the energy to shoot anymore. The town was furious. No one knew of the Night Terror, even though he slyly reached for a star each night trying to destroy all light the city had left. Towns people all went gray, no emotion, no color. Everyone had turned into Night Terrors, leaving little light grasping to the city. The wind brought whispers of hope the people never believed. It had been years with no wishes made nor granted. The city just barely holding on.

Then one girl, the age of 8, was the little light the city needed to prosper. She was born with no memory of the wonderful musical nights when wishes were granted and happiness was everywhere. She always thought wishes being granted was a myth, a rumor. Yet she still made a wish every night, hoping it would come true one day. She was a cute little girl, with short brown hair, and a smile from ear to ear most days. Her favorite color was deep sea blue, all of her shirts had some type of blue on them. For as long as she could remember she had a necklace that looked like the moon and was the deep sea blue color she loved. This wonderfully bright girl didn’t want to live with the Night Terrors anymore. She noticed her family was the only one without the deep darkness of every other. Her parents still had hope.

This girl would have conversations with the stars. They explained everything her parents told her were myths because of how scared there were to tell her it was once the truth. That everyone’s wish was granted and everyone would celebrate the life of day. The stars gave her a will to make everything right again. She went out every night and planted flowers. She put a rainbow of balloons everywhere. She would even quietly play her parents old music tapes in the town square. She still made her wishes every night, but didn’t need those wishes to create the world her parents once lived in.

Day after day, she noticed each person letting go of their inner night terror. She even saw someone smile other than her family for once. This gave her even more light. She explained everything to the stars; they smiled and soon started shooting around. Eventually a wish was caught by a star and sent to Moon. The night terror was not happy and found out what this girl was doing and tore everything down. The girl’s happy spirit was just too much for the night terror to handle.

The night terror couldn’t do anything to forbid the happiness slowly creeping back. Every night the night terror would try and grab a star, but the night terror was unable to steal one out of the sky. He evacuated the city and caved into the side of a mountain deep in the mountain range, where no one ever saw him again.

The girl informed the stars the night terror was gone, and the stars informed Moon. Now Moon shined brighter than ever before.

“I wish life would go back to the way it was before the night terror was ever born!”

That was the first wish Moon granted in twenty years. From that wish forward, stars were shooting again and the towns people went back to celebrating everyday of life with music and wishes.

But then I woke up, back in the days of the night terror, where celebrating and granted wishes were a myth, a rumor.