Night Lives

At first, I thought I misheard. I turned around to see to whom these words may be intended, but the person spoke a second time.
« Hello, my life. »
My eyes crossed hers, and it was now clear that I was supposed to be the interlocutor. Still, I couldn't prevent myself from looking around in search for I don't know what that would prove me wrong. A colourful crowd of night owls, alcoholised partygoers and late-shift workers were flowing by on the streets, none of them seemed even remotely concerned by us. My attention went back to her, and I wondered if this was someone I knew. Half of her face was illuminated by the red neon light coming down from the bars behind me, while the other briefly bathed in electric blue as police sirens rang out, drowning the rhythmic sound of pop-music that was playing.
I knew that this person was no acquaintance of mine.
I snapped out of my interrogations with the touch of her hand on my cheek.
"Come on! Let's move," she ordered cheerfully.
Those words out, she spun in the opposite direction. I watched her calmly walking away. I stood like this for a moment as she started disappearing into the crowd. I had no idea what to do.
I started running to catch up.
When I arrived back next to her, she didn't say anything. She didn't look surprised nor joyful that I followed her instructions. We were making our way between the sidewalk and the cars, faster and faster. I was lagging behind for most of the time, and hardly managed to keep up the pace.
Another police car went by at full speed and brushed past me, making me crash into some guy. As I got up, I began to formulate confused apologies, but didn't see anyone to apologize to. The man dressed in all-black was already walking away, unbothered. I lost sight of him and suddenly thought about the girl who wasn't slowing down and was already far ahead, beyond waves of dozens and dozens of heads. I managed to keep staring at her back while pushing against them.

To my surprise, we arrived at the entrance of the metro station. I couldn't help but feel a sense of disappointment, quickly washed away by the relief of finally standing right next to her.
She chuckled. "Look".
My gaze followed her finger, discreetly pointing at a man pretending to play guitar on the metro platform. He was very obviously high, but in a funny entertaining way. I smiled along, amused and weirdly grateful to witness this scene with her.
The metro arrived and she went in. I had a moment of hesitation. I didn't even know what line it was nor where it would take me. I had no idea of what time it was and for how long I was running after her. The sound alerting of the closing doors jolted me and I jumped in.
We sat next to the window. This was a part of the line where the metro was actually above ground. Admiring city lights while cradled by the sound of rails was incredibly soothing.
I noticed that the guitarist was here too. He sat right in front of us and was now intensely staring at us with clear blue eyes. I felt growing unease and looked at the girl who I now considered a partner, trying to share the weight of his gaze.
She briefly looked at me then back at the guy. I did the same. He handed his earplug to me. I looked at it, perfectly still. I now felt the touch of the girl's hand, I had taken it without noticing. I looked at her again, she seemed to expect me to have some sort of reaction to the other stranger's proposition. I took the earplug and put it in my ear. It was playing an old rock song that I didn't know of but sounded like the kind of music that my parents would have listened to in their teenage years. I politely smiled at the guy and gave back his earplug. He continued his staring for a bit, got up, and left.
We arrived at a station, back under ground level, the girl I was still holding hands with suddenly smiled at me. "We've arrived" she said. She didn't move. I looked at her and understood that I was supposed to get out. I let her hand go, not knowing if I should be embarrassed or not. And crossed the doors. I looked at the signs, trying to make sense of where we were. The alarm of the closing door surprised me again and I turned back to the metro now leaving. She was on the other side of the window, still seated and smiling at me. I stared, numb, watching her taken away. The metro accelerated and she plunged in the darkness of the tunnel.

As I got back to the surface, a crowd dressed entirely in black was slowly swarming down the street in dispatched groups of various sizes. I considered asking them what time it was or where we were, but I kept my distance. I started walking in the same direction, thinking that it would take me somewhere more familiar, as the metro I just left was probably the last one anyway.
After what felt like a few minutes, the behaviour of the crowd changed. They grew more agitated as people coming from the back passed in front of us. It extended rapidly and everyone was walking faster and faster, soon everyone was starting to run. Police sirens made me understand why. I ran along. Sirens were getting closer, and the dispatched groups were now forming a thicker crowd of which I was a part. Some people were shouting slogans, others were screaming their friends' name. I tripped over someone and fell on the ground. I was trampled over.
The air was now coloured blue, but the police was still a bit further away. I looked up and saw an open hand right in front of my face. The man spoke in a deep, warm voice.
"Hello, my life."
I grabbed his hand and followed him as he ran through the crowd.