Never Give Up

Olivia lives in the small town of Cornfield. She was born with Cerebral Palsy, which is a brain injury that occurs while the child's brain is developing before birth, immediately after birth, or during birth. It affects body movement, muscle control, muscle coordination, muscle tone reflex, posture and balance. She unfortunately has this disease in her legs. It has always been a big dream of hers to play soccer ever since she was little and when her older sister Stephany started soccer. She loved watching her everyday practice and play which really inspired Olivia.
Olivia and her friends went to school and at lunch like every girl does, they talk about their life and what's going on. Emma mentioned that she signed up to tryout in two months for the city’s soccer team. Claire and Avery were going to tryout, also. Olivia’s heart sank when she found out that they were all doing something she has always dreamed of doing. Olivia can’t do it because it will be a big risk and may leave her paralyzed. That day, she was determined to find a way to convince her mom to let her play and also find a way to not injure herself. So she went home begging and convincing her mom to let her tryout for the team. Her mom said it would be too dangerous. Olivia did not give up. She kept going with her dream.
She finally got her mom to take her to her specialized doctor. She asked him the big question if she could play soccer and he said that if she played she would become paralyzed. She left the office in tears. So she did a lot of research and got her mom to buy her a ball so she could practice safely. When researching the topic she found out a lot of kids were in similar situations. She didn’t want anyone's dreams ruined so she along with help from her mom started a program for kids of all ages with different troubles and disabilities to come together and not give up on their dreams. She came up with a program called “Where all Wishes Do Come True.” She was very proud to have started this and now only did she get to play soccer in a way that wouldn’t injure her but she also got to help other people's wishes come true all over the community and before she knew it all over the world.