My Valiant Brother

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My brother, Glen, was born six years after my birth. When asked by my mother, “Do you like him?” I stated a resounding, “No!” “I wanted a girl.” I held my position as the baby for six years, and if I must give it up at least it should be for someone I can play with, not a boy. But as time went along he grew on me. My brother is an adventurous man, he decided early on that he wanted to see the world. He left home at 18 years old and joined the army. This decision took him all over the world. He enjoyed being an international citizen. After leaving the army, he became a lone distance truck driver. This job took him from Florida to Maine, from Maine to California. He roamed, happily enjoying and meeting different people from all over the country.
Glen is still travelling abroad. He continued to be an international traveler. On one of these trips out of the United States, he met and fell in love with a beautiful Dominican lady, name Wendy. The got married and three mother later he accepted another assignment from the United States government, working for a private contractor.
In July 2010, he led his company of men on their assignment and they were hit by a barrage of bombs. My perfectly fix 6’ 240lbs brother had his right foot and leg mangled and he had metal imbedded in head. They flew him from overseas to the Walter Reed hospital in Washington D.C.
Glen, woke up days later to find half of his right foot gone. And his left leg swollen and bruised. He could not move because of the injuries to his head. But he never gave up and with the help of his lovely wife, Glen learned to walk and do all the things he was doing before his injuries. It took years, this did not happen overnight. He showed true courage in not giving up. Glen and Wendy have a three year old son, Daniel, and my roaming brother is somewhat settled down. He only travels to two counties now, the Dominican Republican and the United States, not the whole world.
At Walter Reed hospital, Glen and his fellow comrade sacrificed so much and exhibited so much valor and courage. Every American should visit that hospital to really see what is given to keep us safe. The courage you witness will forever change you and it has truly changed me.