My First Visit to the Cave of Wonders

For years I contemplated how I would react when I found it and now that the cave rest before my eyes, fear swallowed me whole. It was a relatively cloudy night. The moons glow had been fighting with the lingering clouds all night. The words of my friends replayed in my head over and over. I leaned on those words for motivation but the closer I had come to the cave, the softer their words had become. Suddenly, a demon appeared and attacked without reason. I was far too weak and barely made it out alive with minor scratches. My heart was devoured by fear, I then retreated to the forgotten corners of the forest. Everytime I glanced back at the cave, the demon stood guard with a devilish grin. Its canorous voice crashed softly against my ear and the delightful smell of fruits stuffed my nostrils. My mind savored the fruit, almost as if the garden of Eden found refuge there. I had to find a way in, I had to retrieve that treasure.
The demon had soon vanished behind the two hills like a ghost. I slowly inched closer with my head on a constant swivel, telling myself that I was strong enough to slay that demon. From behind the hills, I could hear the lust in the demons voice, virtually begging to forever capture my soul. Again, I had fallen victim to fear itself and scurried away to the forest. Who am I kidding? To think that I'm man enough to embark on such a mission that so many brave souls have conquered. I am but a timid spirit compared to those bulky beings. The choice easily became clear. I had chose to walk away and vowed never to return.
On my journey through the forest, a bright light captured my attention. I inched closer to it. It led me to a small pond with a light beaming from underwater. Something within me would not let me leave until I obtained what gave the water its glow. Inside the shallow pond was a sword. It looked to be a powerful sword, coated in a majestic aura capable of slicing the heavens in two with one swing. With this, I could surely defeat that demon and claim the treasure that the legends spoke of. I had then set forth to the cave with supreme confidence.
On my way back to the cave, a set of bushes rattled nearby. I quickly wielded my sword and approached slowly. There was a great white stallion entangled in the bushes. It was engulfed in a blue and purple aura, easily the most beautiful and majestic creature I had ever seen. With it was a set of armor that looked to fit me perfectly. After trying it on, I felt more elusive than I had ever been. This is what I have been missing. That demon would surely fall by my hands this time. I mounted the stallion, sword in hand, armor on my back and together, we galloped back to the cave.
At the entrance, several minions awaited and attacked relentlessly once my presence met their eyes. I had made quick work of them with the greatest of ease. I entered the cave and marched forward overcoming every obstacle that stood in between. Finally, I reached the final door. It looked to have been shut for eons. With all my might, I managed to push the doors open. I stepped into the dark room. Instantly the doors had shut behind me. Eventually, the lights appeared and with it, the very same demon who was still been wearing that murderous grin. Our battle was an intense one, we were both equal in speed and power. After many clashes, I began to pant heavily while the demon seemed virtually unphased. My movements grew slower and slower until finally, I was struck down. My sword had fallen from my hand, my armor was beat up in various places. The demon slowly approached me. Fear once again set in. It grabbed me by the neck and pinned me to the wall and proceeded to squeeze the remaining life out of me. It made ready for my demise. Although things seemed grim and my heart running at a rapid pace, I would not accept defeat. I had come too far to let this be the end, especially when I was within reach of the treasure. I focused my mind and dug deep within my being, and fell into a state I never knew existed. I felt stronger, I felt faster, I felt invincible. I rose up and slayed the demon over and over and over, until the cave itself crumbled before my might. Finally, the battle had ended and I emerged from it all tall and beefy, strong and indestructible.
The next day at school, my friends all asked me how my journey to the Cave of wonders went and boy did I sure have a story to tell. In the midst of my story, the very same demon from last night walked by with a few of its fellow demons wearing a tight one shoulder top, a classy yet seductive skirt and some classic sneakers. The demon looked into my eyes and smiled as if it had successfully trapped me. I smiled in return and continued explaining my story, my thoughts still buried with the cave from the night before.

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