My Courageous Village

I live in Southern Missouri. I love to write! I love to read! I love being a full time care giver, and a substitute librarian!

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I was taking one of my favorite strolls along the river, when I heard a little girl scream up ahead. Two or three people were beating and kicking somebody on the ground. I heard someone threaten the little girl. I was scared to get involved. The neighborhood wasn't the best, by no means.

Without even thinking I hollered out for them to stop. I was running toward them. My feet were moving, but they didn't feel right. I felt numb or something. One of the guys was coming toward me, threatening me. My heart felt fluttery, and I hoped it wasn't going to quit.

I held up my phone and yelled that police were on the way. About that time there was a police siren ringing out from probably a couple blocks away. The guy running toward me stopped short. In a second, he and his friends were running away in the opposite direction.

I dialed 9-1-1, as I hadn't really done it earlier. I know I had lied, but just reacted. I'm glad those guys believed me though. I told the 9-1-1 operator where we were, and what was going on. The little girl was hysterical; she couldn't have been more than ten years old.
I had determined that the man was her uncle James.He was stirring a little, but I figured he should remain as still as possible. I asked the little girl if she would like to hold her uncle's hand. I figured that would comfort the girl a little, and maybe her uncle James too.

Since the man was coming around, the dispatcher told me to just keep an eye on him and to keep her informed.That's exactly what I did until the ambulance and police came and took charge. The uncle asked me, right in front of everybody, if I would take care of his little niece, Faith. Of course I said yes. I am an aunt to several nieces and nephews of my own.

They took James by ambulance to the nearest hospital. Little Faith and I were taken along as well, but we rode in a police car. As we rode along, we looked up some of the contact information on James's phone. Faith and I both talked with James's wife, Terrie, and his parents, Mark and Betty.

Once at the hospital, the police talked with the little girl and I. Actually a lot of talking went on, including with half of James and Faith's family. Everyone made me feel so welcome, like I was one of their family. I was definitely involved in the whole conversation.
I went from being terrified and afraid to get involved, to feeling all warm and fuzzy, in about an hours time. It was crazy, but in a good way.

Come to find out, what looked like a random mugging, wasn't probably so random. The attackers have actually been causing problems at a local restaurant, owned by Mark and Betty. The jerks have been actually harassing the whole family any chance they got.

This very sweet family happens to have a successful business, and some very crooked people are trying to force them to pay for protection, or to sell out for about ten percent of its worth. Those options are not acceptable.

What happened today was an escalation of anything that had happened before. Mark, Betty and the rest of their family and employees had just hoped things would settle down, but it sure hadn't. Poor James and Faith could have been killed.

I am so glad I came along when I did. Before we left the hospital that day, the men who attacked James, had been arrested, and admitted what they had done. Hopefully everything would work out now. I have to hope that from now on these wonderful people can live and run their business, in relative peace.

I am normally a solo type person, but something changed in me today. I no longer think I want to be alone. I feel like I am a member of a friendly and happy village. A village that grew from one to probably fifty. Who knows I may get to drag some of my biological family along with me. Maybe Faith would like some more cousins. She already has a new aunt.