Moon Vandals

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A Message For The Future
July 4th, 2030

The Earth has officially run out of hope.
Where do you go?
What do you do?
Who will you be?

Earth, 2035
After years of fighting and conflict, the Earth has officially fallen.
Now with the citizens of a torn apart planet plan their lives, one woman and her friends decide to take an extreme approach.
They decided to go to the Moon.

I haven’t written a letter in a long time.. so.. here it goes.

By the time you read this, I’ll already be gone. No I’m not dead, well not yet anyway. I’m not on the planet we used to call home. Earth is no longer a place I can consider a “nice place to live.”

We spent so many years going at each other’s throats that we lost the big picture. As you’re probably aware by now Earth (your planet that use to be my planet) was torn apart by war.
In case you’re confused about the war and what it was... Allow me to explain... Years ago, around 2018 or so, the leaders of the world all got mad each other.

Ok, ok, let me serious. 17 years ago, Earth came close to the most dangerous Nuclear War than it had ever been in history. Presidents, Prime Ministers, Dictators, and other world leaders alike had their weapons on standby because the discourse between countries was that bad.

You would think things would get bad when the nukes actually started to fly right? Well, you’re wrong. If there is anything humanity was always good at, it was jumping the gun. Citizens jumped the gun on nuclear conflict, so they started to turn against each other. This is where things get worse. People started to commit every crime in the book, psychopaths started to have sex with anything they got their hands on, anarchy became the only way of life, the rich formed armies, and the poor started to loot. And eventually the people started to fight.

Fights in the air, fights in the streets, fights everywhere you looked. Little did we know that during all of this civilizations from other planets were watching over us. And of course they joined in on the fight. We called this conflict “The 12 Year Planet War”.

To think they dealt with their own problems, you would think they would stay away from us. Well, they didn’t.

It was a difficult challenge to look up at the sky and not see planes and ships being blown out of it. Hearing the sounds of guns, ships, and the screams of the men, women, and children who fought to protect their countries or some cases species and livelihoods. It was a nightmare.

So, what did I do amidst the chaos and hell? I planned my escape. My mind wasn’t in a trapped place like everyone else's , even before the war. When everyone was worrying about normal problems, I was thinking about life above our own. I was always fascinated with the Galaxy. Was life better up there than it is down here? The short answer? Yes, yes it was.

Me and my close friend, Jeremiah, spent years during the war planning our escape to the only place we knew the war couldn’t reach us: the moon.

I know you might be curious as to why we did that. Basically The US government commissioned a law that the Moon was to be spared of any attacks from people on Earth. There was no need to worry about anything else. Other planets wouldn’t bother to touch the Moon because it meant nothing of value to them.

So... because the war took so much attention from everything else the Moon might as well not even be there.

During the war me, Jeremiah, and our colleagues Isabella and Lewis created a plan to escape together to start a new life on the Moon.

After the 12 years were up, 5 years were used to help Earth and other planets to recover. But for us, it was too late. We had already took off years prior.

We took food, made space cars, and set up shop on the Moon. We found one of the old portals the Space Center created before the war began and we were able to fix it for our escape plan and it worked.

We used the portal to go back and forth from the Earth to the Moon without anyone noticing for the most part. I bet you’re asking, why didn’t we bother to help anyone else?

Well when you’ve spent your whole life without having anybody give a damn about you, you start develop a lack of sympathy along the way.

I want to say we’ve had a good time on the Moon. We managed to create and do so much; We’ve managed to make houses, found ways to grow food, and we’re working on so much more.

The only thing we didn’t do was reproduce. Why would we? People claimed we were being selfish.

“Why didn’t you help the people?!” they would yell. Why would I bring a child into all of this evil? A world with so little light and so much darkness?

You know... Some days I think maybe we could have shared our tools? Maybe we could have helped everyone else on Earth? But I never claimed we were the good guys did I? I never claimed to be the kind of person that would help someone in need. The kind of person to put others before myself.

It’s not like I’ve killed people... but I wasn’t in much of a hurry to help anybody at that point in my life either.

I often wonder... does that make me selfish?

Before anyone could kill or catch us, we hid portal. We took refuge on the Moon for good
Because of this everyone would call us “Moon Vandals.” Wanna know how we ended up with the name?

Well... People thought we were defiling a peaceful place by making it habitable. So a lot of hatred thrown at us because that’s how bad things got on earth.

Mankind decided that they would rather suffer on Earth than start a new life on the Moon. I guess that’s just how we are. We would rather choose what’s bad for us because somewhere in our mind.. we believe it’s good.

But who is right or wrong in this scenario? Is mankind wrong for making us outcasts and offing each other before the war even happened? So much cruelty being done. Blood on the streets, rape, death. Mankind at its worst.
Or am I wrong? For using technology that could have helped millions just for me and my friends because we wanted to survive? Because we were tired of the horrors we saw daily?

Honestly... that’s for you to decide.

So I write to you, whoever you are, leaving my story, guilt, and feelings with you. We plan to come back to Earth some day, which means you’re there.. you’ve gotten this message and that means that maybe someday.. you can join us up here.

We’ve advanced farther than anyone could imagine. I have a feeling that you would think it doesn’t sound like much fun. Or that I’m naive for believing we could leave our normal life behind to go beyond what we think we know is scary.

And I wouldn’t lie to you.. It is scary, but not impossible and if you believe what we believe then maybe we could use someone like you up here? And whenever that day is.. If you feel like joining us, you can. We’ll be here.
I hope this letter served you well.

See you soon,

Sincerely, Beatrice Wallace

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