Loop of superhero and nostalgia

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Always, father was superhero for me. In my eyes, he had never lost his toughness, and his voice was always full of self-confidence. When I was young, he used to grill some sausages in backyard.
Everyone had a time to yearn for father. But I had it longer, and did not lose it. His firmness never wavered and it made a deep impression on my mind, so I could keep my admiration for him even I’ve got growth.
I want to be like my father when I became father and I’ve got three children between my wife. Well, it can be called as kind of childishness, who is still in father’s arm. I just wanted to be a superhero to my children, as my father did. It was my ego as a father that I would not want to show my weakness. I wanted my children to see me as like I saw my father.
As time passed, my father's hair was getting gray, and his wrinkles covered his face. But his toughness was still strong in my eye as he did when I was a kid. He was still my superhero.
It was during moment of his last breath that I first felt he is rusty. I felt for the first time that my superhero was not forever in the appearance of a father who had a ringer needle and could not even breathe properly.
But since I realized that, I do not stop playing the image of a strong father in front of my children. I still wish to my children that I am their eternal superhero.
Someone asks like this. What make you struggle to keep the dignity of father even overtaxing yourself? I don’t know what other people would think. But for me, it is the pride as a father, and the nostalgia of a father who remains in childhood memories.
If so, would not my father think the same thing? Maybe my father 's father too. Likely the father of my grandfather too. Perhaps my grandfather of grandfather.......

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