Lilac And Oliver

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In another universe, much like this one, lies a world where everyone has a soulmate. In this world, everyone is born with a black mark on their body signaling the first place their soulmate will touch them. When this happens, the black mark will be transformed into a mosaic of colors.

In this unique world, a young girl with long black hair and crystal blue wires struggles to find her other half. This girl, Lilac, has spent countless hours searching for this fateful mark. To her dismay, there was not a single dark patch visible on any part of her body.

Lilac has spent her entire life watching others laugh and smile about their soulmates in envy. Nights of confusion and jealousy where common for her. The markless girl would stay up at night, fidgeting with her long black tresses as she wondered why she couldn't have what everyone else was born with. Why couldn't she have a soulmate too?

As the years passed, Lilac grew to accept the vacancy of her body. She learned to be content with herself with the help of some loving and loyal friends. She soon found a job at a peaceful coffee shop, enjoying the kind people she served as days drifted by

On her day off, she up do something fun with her loyal friends before having to return to work. The group of girls went to a salon to relax for the day. The building was comfy and sported many beautiful plants that provided a homey feeling to the place.

The girls soon checked in and Lilac was directed to a chair. She waited patiently for her stylist, excited to get her hair done. She stared at the mirror in front of her before deciding that she wanted to wait until the end to see how her hair would look.

A man with long black marks encasing his neck walked up to her chair with a warm smile. The two greeted each other kindly before Lilac requested a simple French braid. The man, who introduced himself as Oliver, gently swiveled her chair around before starting. Lilac gently closed her eyes as she felt the gentle pull of her onyx hair being set into a braid. Oliver let out a soft gasp behind her before reassuring her that nothing was wrong. Oliver finished Lilac’s braid and she turned to see a blinding smile on his face. With a questioning glance, she looked into the mirror and was astounded by what she saw.

Her previously black hair had transformed into a collage of colors as a result of Oliver’s handiwork. Lilac’s jaw dropped before she leaped from her chair and embraced Oliver. When the smiling pair released each other, Lilac gasped at the rainbow on Oliver’s neck. He let out a breathtaking smile and eagerly started talking to Lilac.

The two told each other many stories and had easily grown used to each others company. Lilac and Oliver had completely fallen for each other as their relationship bloomed. The two were happy to have a tribute to their first meeting; the mosaic of colors her soulmate had woven into her hair.

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