Kool-Aid Man

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Hello, my name is Sharrika and I've been writing for almost five years off and on haha. Each day is a journey to improve my writing and find out new ways I can word things. It brings me joy to write  [+]

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It was a hot summer day and the fans Brian had in his room weren't helping at all. The curtains were covering his window which was slightly ajar but the air was warm and stuffy, making him sweat even more. He groaned, sliding himself off his bed and onto the floor. Brian's mom had gone out an hour earlier to get some more drinks and ice cream, but she was taking too long. He stood up and left his room. The air was only slightly cooler in the living room, yet still provided some relief. The sound of his feet hitting the wood floor was more audible now as he made his way to the kitchen to stick his head in the freezer. The refrigerator door was open once he got there. A small brown hand held the door open.

His adopted sister, Iris, had her head in the refrigerator. Since the heat wave had begun, they've been running out of water and juice quickly. Even the ice cream was almost gone now. The weatherman said it wouldn't cool down for a while and at this rate, they wouldn't survive the week. Brian opened the freezer door and lifted Iris up so they could both cool down much better. They sighed and reveled in the cold breeze of the freezer. Despite having a kiddie pool in the backyard, the water would warm up after ten minutes and add to the misery. The pool now lay in the hallway closet, deflated and forgotten.

There was a knock at the door. Brian opened his eyes and set Iris down. He closed the freezer and walked over to the entrance. Through the peephole, Brian could see his best friend, Noel  with something on his shoulder. He unlocked the door and opened it just as Noel raised his fist to knock. He adjusted the ropes he was carrying and gave him a quick side hug.

"Hey man." Noel walked inside and placed the bundle of ropes on the couch. Brian closed the door and turned around.

"I wasn't expecting you. What's up?"

"You've heard of the Kool-aid Man right?" Noel asked, smirking.

"Yeah..." Brian grimaced.

"So you know that if you say oh no three times, the Kool-aid Man will burst through the wall with a pitcher of kool-aid and he himself has some inside his giant... glass body?" Noel grinned.

"That's not real bro, it's just something people made up. Doesn't he break through the house or something too? How are we going to explain that to my mom?" He deadpanned.

"Uhh... what's more important? Getting cool or a wall that could be fixed at any time?" Noel crossed his arms and waited for Brian's answer. He ran his fingers through his hair and looked up.

"What do we do?"

Noel spent the next twenty minutes explaining the plan to Brian. It seemed like Noel had been planning this for a few days. They would have to blow up their pool to catch any kool-aid that fell out, then set a trap for when the Kool-aid Man came through. Noel made a lasso and placed it before the spot where Kool-aid Man would stand and moved everything by the wall away with Brian's help. Iris watched as they set everything up and planned it out.

Because of the work they were doing, the living room became ten degrees hotter. Every second that passed, caused Brian to become more and more agitated. Why am I doing this? He thought. This isn't gonna work. I should just tell him we're not doing this. He glanced at Noel. He had a smile on his face even though his tan skin was glistening with sweat. Brain sighed. I'll just do this and when it doesn't work, it'll all be over. Noel clapped his hands.

"Alright, it's time!" He shouted. Everyone got into place and waited.
"Oh no!" That was Brian's cue.

".... oh no." He sighed and kept fanning himself. Noel rolled his eyes.

"Not like that dummy!" Noel laughed.

"Let's just do it again." Brian lifted Iris from his lap and stood up. They walked to the couch and waited until Noel was back in place.

"Oh no!" Noel nodded to Brian.

"Oh no!" Brian nodded to Iris.

"Oh no!"

There was a short rumble before the wall caved in, sending pieces flying.

"Oh yeeeaaaaahh!" The Kool-aid Man said, looking at Iris and Brian. They stood there awestruck. It actually worked.

"Now!" Brian shouted. Noel pulled the rope and it tightened around Kool-aid Man's legs. He lost his balance and fell backward, the kool-aid inside him sloshing dangerously to the side.

"Get the pool!"

Brian and Iris pushed the pool behind Kool-aid Man just as some of his juice spilled out. They reached their hands into it and licked it away. It was delicious and most importantly, cold. Something clicked and before they knew it, they were hungrily drinking Kool-aid Man to death.

He screamed and struggled in the ropes as his pitcher was being broken. Noel grabbed the small one he was holding and ran to the fridge to keep it for later. He opened the drawers, rummaging through the utensils. Noel found a large spoon and hurried back to the others. Iris jumped onto his large glass body and pushed him toward the pool, spilling more of his kool-aid. He yelled for them to stop and tried his hardest to move, yet it was no use. He was as good as dead.

Keys jingled and the door unlocked. In came Brian and Iris' mother with an armful of groceries. She was staring at the doorknob as she took her keys out.

"Honey, they were all out of Minute Maid so I bought...." She looked up and froze.

There sat a large glass pitcher with a face, screaming as Brian, Noel, and Iris drank from him. Kool-aid Man was no longer smiling as his contents were being drunken by the three hot children. Brian stopped lapping up the spilled juice and stared at his mother with crazy eyes.

"Brian... what..." She put the groceries down. He smiled at her, mouth red.

"He's real mom. And he's delicious."

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