Jamaican Dart Player

Image of Set Stories Free - 2018
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Llanzo Khori lived in poverty in the streets of Red Ground, Jamaica. People knew him as Dart, because of his speed, and another talent not many others had. He was commonly found in the bars on the streets. Llanzo never drank, but he loved playing darts. He was usually running from bars because of the way he beat the men. No one could compete with him, because he had never played really good competition.

Jamaica had always had a professional dart team, but they consisted of people from Kingston. No one from outside of Kingston had ever made the team, but Llanzo had big dreams. He didn’t have a way to get there, but he had a few people who helped him. He ran down the street to go see his friend, Shan. Llanzo had just saw a newspaper that had the list of people who were invited to try out for the national team! His friend had a two person bike that they could ride. They started on their journey to Kingston. Both friends were ready to see the new world of opportunity in the city.

When they were on their way, they saw a woman struggling with her baby. They stopped to see what was happening, the woman was sobbing. The woman was badly messed with. Shan asked what was wrong, she said someone had robbed her and that her son needed food and water soon. Llanzo had been looking forward to his trip to Kingston, but he had found something that meant more than darts. The boys had to get the mother and the baby to help quickly. Llanzo was able to get the baby on his lap, and Shan had the mother on his back. The group was going to try to make it to Kingston. When they were just on the city border, the woman fell. Llanzo had to pick up the lady and bring her to the hospital. He ran to the hospital with the woman on his shoulders. They got there, and the woman was saved. Shan and the baby also made it to the hospital, both in bad condition.

After the mother and the baby were helped, Llanzo still had time to go to the tryout. Llanzo had never seen such a nice area in his life. He got ready for his match, and once he threw the first dart, he knew he was making the team. Bullseye! Llanzo made the team, and he also placed top three in score. He got invited to go to their first tournament in America. He had never even dreamed of going to America. After he saved the woman and her child, he didn’t even think he would be able to try out for the team. Llanzo is now going on his new adventure to America.