In The Last Second

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Dark. That’s what I see now. My hands and legs, both, can’t move freely. Just my nose and ears that opens. Ticking of the clock and their swear starts feel familiar to my ears. Cold temperature from this room starts feel friendly too for my skin. I’m already facing this condition for 2 days. Yes, that is the consequences of my job and I know that. My life and death now separated by thin string. In this last minute, I realize how important is very second of my life.


“Mom, I will go to work now.” A young woman, around 26 years old, wore a pair of black shoes in a hurry.
“Now? Doesn’t you too early? It’s still 5 a.m in the morning,” the older woman stayed not so far from the young one, watch the young woman acts.
“Yeah, I’ve recived special task, so I must go now and I don’t know when I will back to this home again,” the young woman laughed bitterly.
“Don’t be pessimistic like that, I know you’re rarely return to our home but I know you will be back,” the older woman, or so called mother by the young one, kissed her daughter’s forehead, “be careful, Bomi.”
“Always! I’ll go now, see ya!” the young woman called Bomi smilled and waved her hands at her mother before she had gone with her own motorcycle.


I’m sorry if someday I can’t return to home. That sentence keep moving around my brain and unstopable. I’m really not a good daughter for my parents. Even until this second I still repents why I rarely return to my parent’s home.
“The Boss hasn’t order us to execute her yet,” one of my kidnapper start jabbering.
“Alright, what if we play a little games to our guest?” suddenly my heart beat become faster and my level of bravery going down because that sentence.
“Let’s see what we have in here. We have knife, hammer, cutter, and ax. Alright, which one you will choose for the first game?” they’re laugh after that.
“Are we just caught a doll here? She doesn’t react to all of our question.”
“Or maybe she already dead?” they trying to intimidating me.
“Or maybe she still hoping a hero will save her.”
“Her boyfriend maybe? Oh, but don’t hoping too much, darling. This place is far from city, hard to detect.” Ah, I too much thinking about my job until I forget my social life. Maybe they won’t search for me. They will forget my existence.


“Do you want to go out with us?” two woman standing in front of Bomi’s desk.
“I-I’m sorry, my job hasn’t clear yet,” Bomi rejected.
“Yeah, we knows. Do you have something you want to buy?” they asked again.
“No, thanks,” says that young woman with her eyes still sticking on the monitor.
“She is so quiet, isn’t?”
“I agree, maybe she is an antisosial,” a bunch of woman talked about Bomi’s behavior in the canteen.
“Just see, if she got caught or stuck in trouble no one will go to save her,” said one of them and responded by laugh. But they doesn’t know, far in canteen corner, Bomi’s watched them and tried to hold her tears.


I can feel this cold things slowly bruised my cheek skin. But I still lock my lips for sake of this country. The last second of my life must be a precious one.
“Stop! The Boss order to execute her now!” suddenly my heart feel like stop beating, my blood stop rushing and hard to catch my breath. Cold sweat start drenched my body.
“Alright, we ready! We will executed her in three... two.... one!”

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bruk!

I tried to swallow my saliva and catch my breath again. My hands and legs already free, someone has save me, I was wrong. I untie the black fabric that coved my eyes and lips.
“Delio!” I rush to hug the man who already save my life,”Thank you so much, I think today will be my death day.”
“I’m happy to see you still alive, Bomi. Fast, cover that your cheek bruise to stop the bleeding,” he is smilling, hug me back, and tall me to cover my wound.
“We still have one job, to caught their Boss,” I tell him.
“Cut! Good job everyone!” the director shout and all person in that place clapping in happiness, “Now you can rest in home and return to work tommorow.”
I sigh when the makeup artists come to erase my fake wound then I smilled to them, “Thanks for the hard work all of you.”
“Aida! That’s a good acting. How can you do that? You act like really get caught by terorist,” actor who played Delio named Dion give her two thumbs up and smilling.
“You act like you don’t know aren’t?” she whispering to him.
“So what I gonna do? Shout out to everyone about your duality of job?” Dion whispering to Aida, the woman who playing Bomi.
“No, oh, this... please keep this things safe for the sake of this nation,” Aida give Dion a black flashdisk.
“Why sudden....”
“I will go to my parents home, yeah, this project taught me so... While I still have time, why not?”

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