Go Afraid and Claim Your Wings

Image of Set Stories Free - 2018
Image of Short Story
The day started like any other day and then suddenly it all changed. The garden master called the caterpillar over and proclaimed," You have been in this place and in this place long enough. You’ve been crawling through the dirt and eating scraps long enough. You’ve been looked down upon by so many because of slow pace you have been traveling and evolving but what I want you to know is that “my little caterpillar, your time has come and it’s time to claim your wings!”

Excited as she could be caterpillar jumped for joy saying, "LET'S GO, I AM READY!" The garden master replied in a sweet voice. "Aaahh, not yet my dear because there is one last process in which you must endure before you can claim your wings.” Caterpillar responded in confusion, “What do you mean?” In a quiet and caring voice, the garden master said, “You will have to spin a cocoon to cover yourself, and it will be your home for a short period of time. It will be a dark and lonely place and you won't be seen or noticed by anyone, there will be no movement at all because life as you know it will be at a standstill; and when the time comes, you will have to struggle to emerge from your dark place in order to fly and your wings will be strengthened."

The caterpillar looking more discouraged than ever said, "Well if I have to do all of that to fly or be different, then maybe I will just stay as I am. Crawling around isn’t quite that bad you know. At least I have friends now, I'm comfortable and life too terribly bad. This process which you speak of seems like way too much to acquire these wings. I mean I have dreamed of the day and night, but I didn’t know I would have to sacrifice myself to obtain them."
The garden master replied, "Of course you are afraid and nervous, but if you only trust me and the process, you will experience a transformation so BEAUTIFUL that you will have no further use for the things you once knew. But you must do the work if you want to experience this amazing new life. The process is not a fun or pretty one, but it will all be worth it. Now, come with me, so that we can go pick out your wings."

As they got came closer towards this huge, bright, building full of every color of the rainbow the caterpillar was amazed and frightful even the more. It was breathtaking and frightening all at the same time. Behind each glass, the casing was wings of innumerable sizes, colors, and shapes.
The garden master instructed the caterpillar to move forward and to choose her wings. With immense excitement, she had FINALLY come to see her dreams come to fruition and it seemed as if she had waited eternally. After many nights of visualizing about how she would look in them, the time had come. She reminisced on the countless days of crying when she watched her friends flutter by with grace, but she hadn’t received hers yet. But now she is so close!

She crawled to one glass case with a tiny set of wings and asked the garden master, "Are these my wings?" "No, keep moving," he replied. She crawled to a slightly larger set and asked, "Are these my wings?" "No, keep moving," he replied again. After going to the case after case all displaying pretty wings, the caterpillar said, "I'm tired now, I don't see any wings that are suitable enough to fit me!!" The garden master with a gentle grin said, "That's because you are still thinking on the ground, my dear. The height of the places that you destined to fly will require much larger wings than those that you have been seeking. My dear, you see that magnificent and HUGE case in the back over there? It’s draped in gold and diamonds. The one with the LARGE vibrant wings neatly placed inside of it? THOSE ARE YOURS!” The caterpillar begins to cry because she felt unworthy and so undeserving of such an awesome gift. Even though it had been the desire of her heart, this was much greater than she could think or imagine.

The garden master spoke with his comforting voice saying, "Remember those times you felt looked down upon because of how you had to crawl, yet you smiled and kept going? Remember the times you were hurt and misused, yet you loved others through it all? Remember the times you went without your needs being met so that others could have more? Remember when the times when others laughed at your dreams, but you supported theirs? Remember the times you were lonely because nobody understood you, yet you showed compassion? Remember when you kept dreaming about one day having your wings so that you can soar above and see life from a greater perspective? Yes? Guess what? SO, DO I! Because of your diligence, hard work and patience, tears, genuine heart and perseverance, I am giving you wings that you could never have imagined. So, fly my child fly!"

With tears of joy and gratitude, the caterpillar thanked the garden master for believing in her when she didn’t believe in herself. Then she went into the dark place to begin doing her work so that she could be ready for her wings. So, she spun the cocoon and lived there for the allotted time until she was ready. When her time in the cocoon was complete she came out with the wings promised by the garden master and soared higher than the spectators could have ever imagined. No matter your story remember that there is a life far greater than you ever thought or imagined and never let fear keep you from pursuing the unknown. Just like the caterpillar, you have to go afraid. The rewards are far greater than the fear.