Fighting Fire

The wind blew in my face, bringing with it the smell of smoke and burning wood. I gagged at the smell... couldn’t stand it. I stood frozen in the road with thirty or so other people, screams let out as part of the building gave way and fell to the ground below.
The heat of the fire radiated off the building, making people back away because it was nearly unbearable. I, on the other hand, stood frozen, staring at the flames, which were getting hotter and brighter. The family that lived in the house had gotten out only minutes before, neighbors had also left their homes, in case the fire spread.

The fire was so strong and hot that it only took minutes for it to spread throughout the house. The roof already caving in from damage done.
Flashbacks from years ago ran through my mind like a child running from the dark. The burning heat on my face only made it worse, glimpses of my own house on fire took place of the one before me.
As reality settled back in I heard the screams and cries of the owner of the house. Jessica Simson, my neighbor for the past four years. Single mother of three, and I believe the shock just left her so she would realize that only two of her children were with her. People held her back as she tried to run to the house. She fell to the ground in tears. Her seven year old and five year old huddled in a ball on the ground crying as well.
Her eight-month-old baby still in the crib that she probably put him in that night.

The firemen were still on their way and at the rate the fire was growing, they’d never make it in time. I looked to the window of where I remember seeing the baby’s room from my own window months before. The fire was far enough away from that side of the house that someone might be able to slip in and out... but that split second of time was closing in fast.
I could do it. I myself used to be a firefighter, retired after I couldn’t save my family from the fire that took their lives.
My mind was made up but my legs didn’t move. The fire was spreading fast... I wouldn’t get a second chance.
Before I could even try to convince my muscles to obey, I was running. A few voices yelled for me to get back but I didn’t hear them. I was too focused on the task ahead.
Almost there... so close... a few more steps...
here. I rushed through the door and towards the stairs.
“You needn’t worry... I will save you” Up the stairs... towards the door.
“I won’t let this monster beat me” Still alive... crying... good
“Not again... I swear”