Image of Short Story
I sat down. It was at the small square table. The chairs around me were completely empty; and the only thing in the room was me. I continued to wait. Something was supposed to happen — Something. But nothing did. I was alone — the dark brown table only an inch away from me.
I leaned forward, hoping to rest, but suddenly the table vanished into the warm air.
It was April when the waiting began, now it feels like August.

I fell to the ground, bruises beginning to form on the length of my skin. I got up, and turned to sit back down to wait, but the chairs were gone too. Why wait if such things are impossible?
I cried out for some help, but no one was there.

Soon enough, I was lost in a pit of darkness, waiting desperately. “Please, please.” My thoughts were heavier than the fog clouding my vision. I could not move. I slowly lowered myself towards the ground, sitting down on the floor. My legs went further than the concrete, I was in water, slowly falling in. I reached out, hoping there was something to hold on to.
Then there you were, looking at me, worried. I was so happy to finally see you. I waited through the seasons just to meet you. I grinned, I laughed, still sinking. That's when I realized it. You were only a statue looking down on me, a figment of my imagination, you couldn't help me.
I sank further into the cold nothingness. Water filled my lungs as I called out for you. I was too late. My life was finally as empty as the world around me.

Then again, if I had to do it all over, just to say that I saw your beautiful smile whether it be just my imagination or the reality of you, I would do it in a heartbeat.