Deep Waters

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I set out on my first voyage in the summer of 1991, when I married my first love.
I wouldn’t consider myself an adventurous person, however the anticipation of my first voyage filled my soul like an empty vessel.
I experienced several excursions on a row boat, but never a ship.
As a kid I envisioned a majestic voyage aboard a large vessel.
I would daydream about sceneries of distinguished clear blue skies, turquoise water, and peaceful relaxation. I foresaw myself watching gray and white seagulls fly about in a carefree manner. My eyes drawn to the playfulness of their beauty. The
transparency of their wings flapping among the sunshine.
Now that the ship set sail, my reality sailed into oceans deep.

Tranquility or Fear...

At the sound of the first horn blast I recognized that life was quickly moving into unseen territory. Three short horn blast initiated emotions of caution. Five short horn blast signified great danger. Possible danger of inward and outward damage approaching the vessel. One short horn blast, followed by two short horn blast signified the “Captains intent,” and my acceptance to our environment.

Is the “Captain” steering or cruising along?

As we settled in for an adventurous voyage the empty vessel
Started to fill with great pleasure and enthusiasm. I could vividly see paradise on the Island viewed from a distance.
The enchantment of the picturesque Island offered a zest like
none other. The buoyant atmosphere was one to anticipate and
Celebrate. Being my first voyage, I quickly accepted the “Captains,” intent.

How long will our voyage last?

As I stood on the deck of the ship, I glared at the setting sun, as
If to hear the sun warn of caution and fear.
Would I hear horns of caution...Or horns of danger..

As the morning sky formed, I could see threatening weather
lurking behind the dark clouds. Faint burst of thunder caught
my attention. Fear seeped into my soul and our destination
became uncertain.

Face the eye of the storm with courage...

Our voyage unexpectedly became uncertain in unpredictable
Unfortunately throughout the duration of the voyage there was
turbulent waters that created rogue waves, the angry seas roared
with intensity.
Sea creatures scurried below stormy billows, where surges of
water rolled. The sky no longer held her majestic allurement.
Strong winds and huge waves caused the ship to sway side to side, like a child tossing a toy boat in a tub of water.
Objects in staterooms tumbled about as if they were tiny
My first voyage felt like I was walking on sinking sand. A voyage
Of hopelessness.

Fear of the unknown lurked from the depths of the ocean.

As I faced many fears on my journey the storms of life weren’t
Changed with a subtle touch, they were drastically altered by
Life’s second voyage.

True Happiness

When my first voyage ended, I heard the voice of my soul echo,
“You will have peace and happiness again.
Just as passengers on a cruise ship experience turbulence,
those on land also experience turbulent conditions throughout
the journey of life.
While we face difficult situations in life we should ask ourselves
one question, “Do I give in to fear and stay on course or seek
courage and alter the course?”
While on my second voyage, I found myself cruising on clear
waters, surrounded by lush tropical beaches. I finally found
paradise. My last voyage proved to be one of true love,
everlasting hope and encouragement. There is plenty of
sunshine, joy and contentment.

It is well with my soul!!!

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