Courage Within

Image of Set Stories Free - 2018
Image of Short Story
Katherine spent many years depressed and feeling lost.
She cried many tears and lost much time wasted in life.
Katherine had a friend that she looked up to for she was brave.
She took life at her finger tips and took the world in her hands.
Katherine didn't want to be sad and depressed like she was
and questioned it for many years why can't I be brave also?
Then one day Katherine took her first step to healing.
She picked up a pen and started to Journal. She started seeing life
in a different way.

Katherine found courage. For years she didn't know it was being
afraid of courage that was slowing down her life.
She took enough courage to look in the mirror and really
see her reflection. It took courage to let go of all that
was hurting her and turn that into loving her.
Once she loved who she was other people saw her
courage. Katherine's friend Serenity started to see
life in Katherine's eyes and heart.
She took Katherine's hand and challenged her to have more courage.

Katherine had the courage to grow in her life. She took her
arts and crafts embracing the challenge to look deeper in her heart.
She took her mindset and words and started using them in a positive
way over her life. She not only read these words yet she spoke them
and wrote them. The walls that Katherine had built up started
falling down. Katherine's friend helped her see that there was
no going back to the sad depressed girl she had once been.

That the past was gone and that she could only change the future.
That she needed to let go of the hurt and embrace the courage
of taking life to the fullest.
Courage gave Katherine the Strength to stand tall.
It showed Katherine the utter most depths of her soul.
Courage taught her to smile more, laugh deeper, chase her
dreams and to be brave. To look deep in her heart
and really see what she wants in her life, what she needs
to keep over coming.

Finding courage is the best
thing that could have happened to Katherine.
She no longer wanted to be depressed and had no desire to give
up on life anymore. She wanted to breathe life into
her lungs deeply and to show the world who she really was.
The hardest lesson Katherine learned and is still learning
was to find the courage to be who she was really meant to be.
Because of courage, Katherine will never be the same again.