Birth of a Mom

“ more is coming............”
“One..two..three..four..five..I guess this is a real one”
“I am going to die......Oh.......”
“Honey, I am with you. Let’s go now”
Joy took Kate’s hand carefully as he walked her to the car. The car was filled with the smell of the new car seat he fixed on yesterday. Travelling bag was ready with clothes for the newcomer and it was in the trunk from few weeks. Kate screamed again as they he opened the front door. Joy rubbed her back while she was breathing hardly through the contraction. He remembered the days he used to rub her back when she was throwing up with nausea every morning. The days were gone quickly and now she is having contractions.
After a while they both got in and drove to the women’s hospital which seems to be totally strange despite the few visits they had through the pregnancy. Soon after Kate was admitted and they were finally in the hospital after 24 hours of contractions and two hospital trips just to hear that she is not yet dilated. The staff was friendly as they started giving Pitocin to her.
Kate felt the biggest fear in her life. Needles..., injections...., oxygen valves.... Everything seems like monsters looking at her just waiting for the right moment to catch her. She tried the relaxation techniques learnt at the child birth classes but to make her more and more nervous. Thinking of the blood and stitches make her wants to go back in time not being pregnant. Oh! How hard they tried to get pregnant. Endless nights of crying, numerous medications, countless miles of running to lose weight. She grabbed joy’s hand tightly and thanked him for being there. One last pain the biggest pain and it will be over soon. She thought peacefully.
Hours passed by but no sign of baby. Nurse came and shut the windows as it was dark out there. Kate looked at the clock. 8.30 pm. It’s been more than thirty hours from the first contraction and still the baby is inside.
“Are you sure you don’t need an epidural?”
“What is my situation? Do you really think I need a one?”
“Well, there’s no point of suffering when there are so many other options”
“Let’s wait for a moment. Thank you”
This conversation went on for few times before Kate asked to take one as she could not stand the pain anymore. One injection and it will all be over soon. She wished if she had her mom there. Living thousands of miles away from them makes it harder for her to see them often. Both her parents and in-laws are now there praying for her and the baby. But she needed them to be with her. Once more she grabbed Joy and thanked him for being there.
“Joy, I am so afraid. I think I am going to die.”
“Kate I am right here with you. We are going to get the baby soon.”
“Promise me. If I die you will take care of the baby and live happily with someone who loves you.”
“I promise you to take care of our baby.”
She felt nothing but numbed down the waist. The pain is gone thanked to the epidural. Joy stopped rubbing her back and laid on the couch for a second and soon in deep sleep. Kate tried to sleep only to get scared of bad dreams.
The door opened and the doctor came in.
“The baby’s heart beat goes up and up. We will have to perform a cesarean surgery to save the baby.”
Kate was shocked for a minute. Why is this happening to her? Everything was going smooth all throughout the period of forty two weeks and now suddenly there is need of a surgery. Why she couldn’t have a peaceful natural birth story to share with others? ‘A cesarean surgery’ she was deadly afraid to think about a bruise but now to cut her uterus to take a baby out.
“I am afraid this is the only option you have” the doctor is still there.
“YES” Kate whispered through the fears. She tried so hard to get this baby so now she can’t give up.
After more than two days of pain it only took twenty minutes to take the baby out through the cut on Kate’s belly. But there, on the surgery table in the operation room, a mom was born who will have the courage to face all the obstacles coming up in life. Cute little girl Kate was died there as the strong courageous mom Kate was born.
“My baby. Joy, our baby is here.”
Kate screamed through the pains.