Baldy Me

Image of Set Stories Free - 2018
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This weekend was the weekend that I was going to get his attention. I was ready and I had my friends with me for support just in case he walked right past me like I was an ant on the ground. See I've known Jonathan since the 3rd grade. All the girls wanted him but he was never interested in any of them. He was all about his sports and his bros. They even had a special handshake and matching socks they wore on Fridays. Weird right? Yes I know. We sometimes lock eyes and he would just give me that bay watch smile and nod his head up saying what's up? I all of a sudden started stuttering , something I didn't even know I could do. The hi would eventually come out. I had my group of friends that I could cry with, laugh with, scream with, and would still have each other's backs.

I was a cheerleader and he played football so in my head we were the perfect match. My friends and I went to the hair salon on Saturday to get our hair done for the upcoming football game where I was going to get his attention. We ate we talked and laughed until my head felt like It was on fire. I jumped up and the hairstylist took me to the sink to rinse the chemicals out of my hair. My hair came out along with the chemicals. I dropped to the floor crying hysterically. My plan was ruined. I could never get his attention with patches in my head. My hair was ruined.

When I got home that night my mom told me not to worry and told me how beautiful I was. She said if he do want want you the way you are then he's not worthy of having you. My eyes were red, my nose was running, and my hair was half way gone. I was afraid. What would people say? What would they think? My friends were calling to check on me but I didn't want to be bothered.

Saturday morning finally came and I was devastated. I took a long look at myself in the mirror and just shaved all of my hair off. I didn't care anymore. My mother was right if he wanted me then he would have to take me for me no matter what.

The game was crowded and I had a hat on my head. I saw him and he spotted me. I walked right up to him and took my hat off. He said WOW! Nice cut! I said you really think so? He said yes its unique just like you. I smiled and said have a good game. He smiled and said only if you cheer for me. I felt my knees buckle. I had to sit down. I finally did it. He noticed me. We won the game and afterwards he was looking for me. He hugged me so tight my legs felt numb. He said I've always wanted to do that. I said well I've always wanted you to.