Bald and Beautiful

Image of Set Stories Free - 2018
Image of Short Story
Shentasia was a girl who lived with many siblings and had many, many friends. That was until the summer of 7th grade. She had a condition called Alopecia and it affected her her whole life but no one except her family knew about it. Until 7th grade though. As the night got chilly she curled up into her warm blanket and had this thought like a poison spread throughout her mind. "What if I just cut the rest of my hair off so that everyone knows about me and asking about why i spray my bald spots. So that's exactly what she did. Her dad struggled with it because he knew what it was like to lose your hair and my mom, despite being a jerk, said she'd cut her hair for me too. But as time went by, school crept up around the corner. She was SO nervous for school and felt ashamed at herself for not being as good as the other girls. So she decided to wear a hat. Many tried to rip it off but with time come and a few friends that were a blessing to the heart, she decided that she'd accept her differences and take off her hat. She did so with her best friend beside her and without giving a second thought about anyone else's thoughts about it, smiles each day at how she gathered courage in the small things to gain something big, self love.