An Unlikely Event on Mount Kjerag

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“Those people have lost their minds!”, Amanda thought to herself as she stood there watching people jump off Mount Kjerag. She watched them fall down the side and decided that it would be a great picture for her column in the New York Times, seeing how she was being paid to take pictures in the mountains and write about the culture. She absolutely hated traveling and new things; she would rather spend her days in the same city with the same people. She continued her hike. After hours of hiking and taking pictures, she stopped to take a break just as a group of hikers were coming by. The man that was leading the group was telling a story about how only the most daring people would jump off the cliff. Then he stopped once he realized Amanda was there. Amanda,being the journalist that she was, insisted that the man answered her questions for her article. He offered her a spot on the trip. Little did she know that they wouldn’t be climbing down, they would be jumping.

They finally reached the top. Amanda stopped to take some more pictures and make notes of the hike. She finally looked up from her distractions to notice the view. The mountains were covered in a majestic green vegetation that made fascinating patterns along the mountain sides. The mountains were separated by a beautiful river that glistened in the sunlight. The sun was setting adding an even better aspect to the view. Amanda stood there stunned. She never thought she would be able to witness something so beautiful.
As she turned to leave, she noticed that the group was putting on special equipment and getting ready to jump. “What crazy people!” Amanda thought, “How could someone think that jumping from this height would be okay?” Then the man from earlier approached her, he said that there was no way that someone could make it down the mountain before dark so he suggested that she jump with them. Amanda looked at him with the most intense look on her face. How could someone bring her all the way up there without telling her that she would have to jump because the mountains were dangerous at night? Amanda went ballistic, she hates heights and anything deemed unsafe. But yet here she was faced with a major problem: jump off a cliff and risk her life or go down the mountains alone in the dark. She decided to do the insane and jump, mostly because she heard wolves howling in the darkness of the mountains.
Getting ready for the jump was nerve racking enough for Amanda, but the thought of jumping over 3,000 feet and relying solely on a parachute made her go into a near panic. They were all ready so one by one they jumped. When it was finally Amanda’s turn she blocked out the fear and jumped. The rush felt like nothing she had ever felt before. The wind rushed in her ears and the blew her long hair back. She released her parachute and listened to it flutter in the wind. Soon she landed with a sudden thump to the ground. Now this would give her something to write about.

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