Abel killed Abel

Image of Set Stories Free - 2018
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As the night of the mission drew closer, the troops became more and more eager to fly over the Arvand River. The mission was to be executed on the other side of Arvand amidst the night. Ebrahim and Ismael were twin desert villagers that were together even at the war front. They were never separated during battle even among all the mortars and explosions. Ironically, both brothers were among the troops that night. It was midnight. The troops slowly entered the wild river and were ready to get across when suddenly, the dark night turned into bright daylight and Iraqi lights turned into the harbor’s lanterns. The troops who were prepared for such situation, took cover. The Iraqis, who had grown suspicious, started shooting aimlessly but the danger seemed to be over. It was dark again. After a few minutes, amidst the dark, Ebrahim looked around to assess the situation. There were no sounds except for a groan...the battalion commander immediately asked who was groaning. He asked a few times but there were no replies. He became angry saying you’ll bloody kill us all, have tolerance! But the groaning continued more and more. Ibrahim tried to move towards the groaning sound to see what was going on. As he got close, he could sense Ismael’s scent. In the middle of the Arvand, Ismael’s groans sent chills across Ibrahim’s body. What happened brother? As he put his hand on Ismael, he realized one of the scattered Iraqi bullets had hit his brother’s neck. He was going crazy when suddenly, the commander changed everything. The commander kept saying shut that noise down! The whole battalion will be destroyed! Whoever is closer, do us a favor and shut him up! Amidst the chaos, Ibrahim, who was holding Ismael to his chest, only had a few seconds to decide. He was to kill his brotherly love to prevent the massacre of the battalion. He committed the strangest murder. He became Abel and killed Abel. It was the day after, when everyone realized how the groaning was shut down. Since that day and 35 years later, nobody has heard Ibrahim’s voice again, as if he had said to himself that anyone who could take his brother’s voice with his own hands should never be heard again...