A Starry Night in Verona

Image of Short Story
I was walking down the street that seemed to only fit one car, going one way, when I noticed the small café. It had a couple sitting under the balcony with light the color of a dark yellow sunset.

I decided then it was time for me to sit down and observe what love was like. Love, for me, was always a game of tug of war.

I ordered a cup of coffee; it was a milky brown and had a swirl of white circling around the inside of the cup. I remember, as I picked the cup up, I felt the touch of a person’s fingers caress slightly, just for a moment, across my back—it was my waiter. He said I looked upset and was curious about why I had kept staring at the same couple for almost 30 minutes. I didn’t know why, but maybe it was because I longed for someone to love me in just the littlest way. It was strange, that a complete stranger could be so concerned about someone he barely knew.

I admit I shouldn’t have looked at them for so long. But I really could not help myself. They looked so happy with their perfect smiles, endless laughs while they seemed to look into each other's eyes like nobody else was around them... living in their own fairy tale.

He then tapped me, and I snapped back from my thoughts.

“I’m sorry,” I told him. “I just lost my train of thought and was staring into space.”

“I didn’t mean to startle you. As I said, I just noticed you staring at that couple, and they weren’t quite uncomfortable with it. Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine. I’m sorry about that. Can I have my check so I can leave.”

“Sure, just give me a few moments to find it,” and he walked away.

When he returned, I paid in cash and told him to keep the change. He thanked me and then walked to another table to check on a family sitting near me. Then I noticed on the receipt he gave me, had a number written on it. I left it on the table.

As I got up from my seat, I noticed I didn’t have my phone on me. Maybe I left it back at the hotel? Or maybe that bookstore I stopped at earlier in the day. I don’t remember exactly, I knew I would find it.

I turned right onto the tiny side road, then turned left on the next street and looked up at the royal blue sky, with the moon shining on me like the sun during a long day. Stars stretched as far as I could see and help light up the alley I stood in standing in.

I turned around another corner, right this time. I roamed and cleared my mind under the beautiful skylight. I knew I could be happy, I really knew it. I was beautiful and could be with anyone I wanted, but relationships weren’t ever my thing. Then I learned to be happy on my own, and it was a beautiful thing to love myself.

I wasn’t paying attention when I walking. But I heard someone call my name, I turned around and it was the waiter from the restaurant—he was holding what looked like my phone and was running towards me, yelling.

That’s when I realized there was a car, coming my way, with bright yellow headlights on.

And it was too late to move.