A Dog's Gold

Image of Short Story
Mama used to tell me greed was for the dogs, but it went in one ear and poured from the other. Now look at me, slobbering all over this brown woolly coat of hair while barking at every creepy sound I hear in the night hours. Seeming to have become the watch dog of this enchanted mansion!

This old broken down, rat infested mansion has old man Larry 's one million worth of gold stashed in it somewhere. This has been the word around town since a youngin. Yea, yea, I heard the stories of folks going missing when searching the mansion for the gold, but sooner or later they popped back up with a so call, horrifying story or two about this place.

One day a man told us his story after running half naked from the forbidden woods, while me and my younger brother sat in the center of town begging for straps. He said one night while in the forbidden mansion he snatched up a purdy twenty-four carrot solid gold mirror; and when he did, some how he became the reflection in the mirror and was stuck there into he came to an understanding that living was more important than his need for the gold mirror.

He shouted at the top of his lungs for three days straight in the middle of town and everyday I shooked my head and laughed. Yup, laughter always took a whole of me when I heard them rant on and on! I belly laughed harder everytime I saw them shake like leaves on a tree when the wind blows! Every story I heard only gave me clues and told me what not to do in my search for the gold. And staying away from a gold mirror, was one!

For forty-two moons straight, I've been pawing down these hallways; clawing at the same doors, only to find nothing. But I know it's in here some where and I'ma keep looking until I find my gold! Doe, I kind of miss my little brother, he knew how to get a chuckle or two out me! And mama, well, doe she was a pain in the tail, she always showed me love. Dont get me started on my best friend Skillet! He's a hella of a fellow! Staring through these rusty ancient bars, that's covering the windows, kinda got me... missing them.

Ole well, enough of that, getting the gold is the only thing on my mind and everyone elses in town. So that means I need to find it before they do! And I believe with all my beating heart I'll be the one to come out with it in my paws, that once were 10 fingers and two palms. And I'll sniff it out and with the help of these sharp k9 teeth, I'ma carry my gold out of this forsaken dump. And every cent will be mines and mines alone!