We caught crawfish

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Jennifer Vaknine is originally from Austin, Texas and now lives in NYC. Her recent work can be found in ‘Third Point Press’, ‘Empty Mirror’, & ‘Riggweltwer’ among others  [+]

Image of Short Circuit #03

in the stream behind
your house we absconded
with one, he pinched
at my cupped palms
as we bounded up
the stairs into your room
we threw the door closed
we thought we set him free
in your aquarium

& we slept that night
arms touching
bellies still sore
from giggling & we woke
to a guppy-less
aquarium we carried
him back in a bucket

we couldn’t carry that weight
with bare hands


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Image of Hyrum Henstrom
Hyrum Henstrom · ago
Image of memoe craig
memoe craig · ago
Love the way we get hints of the story along the way. There are layers and I like that.
Image of Tony Martello
Tony Martello · ago
I have felt the guilt many times as I am a cichlid owner. I mourn for a time when they die. Check out my story, "Maize of Color" in America: color it in contest and vote if you like it. I appreciate your support! https://short-edition.com/en/story/short-fiction/maize-of-color

Image of Keith Simmonds
Keith Simmonds · ago
Very interesting story indeed! Like it!
Image of Christina L
Christina L · ago
Ah! I can't imagine being so young and feeling responsible for the murders of a bunch of guppies. I like how just a few sentences hint at such a big story.
Image of Mary Tabor
Mary Tabor · ago
Unusual metaphor. Well-done.

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