Getting Her Daughter Ready

Sarah Barr writes fiction and poetry. Her poetry pamphlet 'January' was published in 2020. Her short story collection 'Night Zoo' was published by Lendal Press in 2022. She lives in southwest UK.

Image of Short Circuit - Short Circuit #10
She ties on her daughter's wings made not
of wax, leather, eagle feathers, but of
paper, ribbon, glue and glitter. Her
daughter flaps her arms and
pretends to be bird, fairy,
angel. She keeps
dancing. Her
mother says,
"Stand still," as she
combs out plaits, strokes
hair into shape, clips on stars,
a halo, thinks of magic. She looks
at her daughter's sprung feet, says, "Fly,
sweetheart. Then walk, strong on the earth."

© Short Édition - All Rights Reserved


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Image of Sarah Barr
 Sarah Barr · ago
Thank you, Lia. Glad you like my poem!
Image of Lia Smith
 Lia Smith · ago
I like the reference to Icarus & Daedalus and the suggestion that the daughter, like Ann Sexton's sensible daddy, will be just fine.

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