Trapped yet Free in the Cosmos

Forever far away
in a feverish, fiery, eternal expanding cosmos
bathed in deep, dense, viscous darkness
Here, "We," Are

from such abyss, glitters evermore light
beacons leading to a shining treasure
mapping the ceiling with unimaginable beauty
such a pleasantly perfect, chaotic dream, yet,
Here, "We," Are
the unfathomable
is it comprehensible?
early in earth's vernal equinox
rises the first, the ram of Aries, finally
Here, "We," Are
in such beauty and bliss, a stampede
comes Taurus, the brazen bull
blazing red eyed Aldebaran
only opens in the north of night, look,
Here, "We," Are
in ease, the twilight twins are seen
a neighbor, a friend to Orion
transparent as the sky
plus 90, minus 60, there is Gemini
Here, "We," Are
4 of 12, hiding from Hercules
the cluster Cancer the crab
clutching, clasping, so carefully
hidden, gone, and back again
Here, "We," Are
born in spring equinox
follow the big dipper
a leader to the large Leo the lion
high and righteous within the sky
Here, "We," Are
shining pearly pure white
the innocent star Spica
marks the virgin Virgo
so bright, so light, a moon in the night
Here, "We," Are
in mere chaos, balance brings
where peace, tranquility, and silence sings
glowing luminous is Libra
weighing here, weighing there
Here, "We," Are
hot in height, visible everywhere
a desert, a heat, beyond compare
Scorpio the scorpion, a simple arachnid
delicate and intricate, too close I forbid
Here, "We," Are
shining in armor up above
the silver Sagittarius archer shoots
glistening, and penetrating, it soars
for it strikes, strikes the nights
Here, "We," Are
rich in measure of all degrees
the half goat half fish, here it breaths
big and bold within the heart of September
here is Capricorn, facil to remember
Here, "We," Are
thirsty are your eyes for this
yearning, and burning, turning hotter
look up in the southern spring
you'll find Aquarius with a chalice of water
Here, "We," Are
where the sun crosses the celestial equator
a stellar fish of Pisces will shimmer
flickering like a blanket of water
swimming on and on, never dimmer
Here, "We," Are

Forever close
in a beautiful, eccentric, eternal expanding cosmos
bathed in a sparkling, delicious, divine light
Here, "You," Are