The Tornado

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Image of Summer 2020

You hear its massive pounding in your ears,
and perhaps you can smell its sweet air.
You sometimes witness its unique power.
A raw power unable to be quantified
or described, or fully understood.

You hear its beating heart
as it slams against your home,
tearing shrapnel off your roof
and off the sides of your house.


It is like a beating drum of wind
outside your protective walls,
preparing to destroy every little
thing above and around your head.
Every piece of multicolored furniture,
of the hardwood frames inside the drywall,
of steel and bronze nails and screws.
It prepares to destroy it all to dust.


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Image of Tony Martello
Tony Martello · ago
West Wind, I always liked this poem and it's raw power. I wrote a few poems about hurricanes and it reminds of me of that. I have two stories that have progressed to the final round if you are interested in supporting me for the win: "Green Springs" and "Maize of Color" in the other categories. Thank you. Tony
Image of Tony Martello
Tony Martello · ago
I love the personification and have my full support- 5 votes. Check out my story, "Maize of Color" in the short fiction category of this contest, America: color it in. Tony