Solar Eclipse

Adrienne Powell is currently studying linguistics at Brigham Young University. When she is not writing (which is rare), she is usually dancing, playing with her little brothers, creating some kind of ... [+]

Image of Long Story Short Award - Fall 2020
Image of Poetry
The moon, today,
Bold and pretentious,
Grew tired, it seems,
Of being small and secondary.
She cloaked herself in blackness
And crept upon the sun,
Thinking to overshadow him.
She marched in front,
Planted herself
Between him and all who watched.
Blocked out his light,
Darkened the sky,
Cooled the earth,
Left nothing visible
Save a ring of gold
And diamond

But the triumph was short-lived.
She gave
To the unrelenting pull of earth
And fled
As the sun’s fiery rays
Burst forth in glory
And won.
But all who watched
Will remember the day
The moon overshadowed the sun.