Shining With The Moon

Image of Long Story Short Award - Fall 2020
Image of Poetry
Last night I decided to drive away to a place with nobody around,
To give my heart a break from its irky rythmless sound.
I just drove aimlessly to middle of nowhere,
It was quiet and I decided to spend my night there.
I just wanted my people to miss me, & for me come looking out,
I wanted them to scream for me, I wanted them to shout,
I thought somebody would reach out to me pretty soon,
Nobody did but did the lonely Moon..

'Moon' I began 'Why are you always in the dark?'
'To help ones like you' she replied ' who mourning over their past do lark'
'I didn't getcha' said I, 'Care to explain?'
'She didn't, instead said; ' Stop living life that's so vain!'
She told she knew the reason for me being so low.
'And to illuminate your life' told she 'In the darkest moment I glow'.
I gave a faint smile without uttering a word.
I didn't wanted at least her to caption my stay as absurd,
'Ha! You can't hide it from me for I know it all',
'I always noticed the tears that from your eyes did fall ',
It was then I looked up & learnt there were no stars,
'Chill out!' She said 'You see even the most admired thing bears its own scars... '
Moon never answered to any question of mine,
But still answered it in a way too divine.

What she meant to say by that, I understood by this time,
That was the reason I figured out how people could admire her even in the rime.
'If you are comfty standing alone', she said, 'Trust me, up to you people will look',
'You will be strong enough to withstand the storm by which you were once shook',
'People like stars' she continued, 'One day there and the other day gone!'
'On their departure don't be stupid to mourn!'
She told me about her days when she was left alone like me,
When everything around turned blur & nothing she could see.
She told me about the time when on she alone had to move.
Giving no eyes and ears to folk around and moving forward had become her groove.
'You should stay strong' said she, ' Don't you ever sit and weep.'
'Forget it all, listen to my lullaby and sleep'.

I nodded and wished her goodnight.
I gave moon the last glance that still glowed bright.
I was indeed tired & dozed off fast,
I just wanted the night to forever last.